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Assppaa-ISBORS Software and Technology: A digital, disruptive & local platform connecting, assessing and rewarding teachers

The poor state of Education in Nigeria and the West African Sub-region is obvious and government at all levels seam helpless on the way forward,but the Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology causes a systemic disruption

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The Science Teachers' Game (STG), a social communication, engagement and entertainment platform powered by the Assppaa-ISBORS software was launched to the Nigerian media on the 12th September, 2017 and the public reception was great.

Focus Areas:

Education, Economic Empowerment, Youth Engagement and Contribution and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Education, Economic Empowerment, Youth Engagement and Contribution, Economic Growth and Trade and Digital Inclusion & ConnectivitySEE LESS

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(Benefits to Society and Mankind)

By the use of the Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology, there would be a revolution in education in Nigeria and Africa. The software improves the quality, welfare and family lifestyles of teachers and makes the teaching profession more interesting, attractive and highly competitive. The software offers teachers the opportunity to earn extra money on the platform, based on their active engagement on the platform.



The Assppaa-ISBORS Platform creates a an Academic Tech-Hub, connecting with millions of teachers and students across different education levels in Nigeria ,and cause teachers and students to showcase their classroom activities on the dedicated portal, get assessed and rewarded. Evolving financial technologies, social media, e-commerce, entertainment, and information technologies are being harnessed by Assppaa-ISBORS to achieve this.

Target Beneficiaries

The high school teachers, students, university lecturers and undergraduates, in Nigeria and West Africa

Mission and Vision

We are here to initiate and sustain this process which aims to enhance the self esteem of the Nigerian teacher, especially the science teacher, so that he or she can earn as much as, and even better than other professionals in Banking, Oil and Gas, telecommunication and other blue chip companies in Nigeria!

Innovation Description

Science Teachers Game, powered by Assppaa-ISBORS, isa robust and intelligent software, which interfaces with science teachers nationwide and allows them Free access to showcase their classroom science experiments, and activities with their students. Registration and participation on this portal is Free and voluntary.The Season One of the Science Teachers Game starts in September 2017 and runs through to July 2018. Interested science teachers and students in both private and public secondary schools across Nigeria wishing to participate in this program and competition are requested to visit, www.assppaa.com and register their interests by filling the registration forms. New Teachers on the portal, should click on the Register menu on the top-right side of the homepage and complete the Registration Form and Submit. Once a Teacher completes his or her registration form online, a customized Dashboard is created for him. With his Login details, the teacher can revisit the homepage any other time, click on the Login menu on the top-right side and start any functions that he wishes to do.The first things the Teacher does after registering and creating his or her personalized Dashboard is to click on his or her Profile on the top-right side of his Dashboard and update his profile details.The second thing the teacher does after registration, is to bring on board his sets of students onto his Dashboard.

Competitive Advantage

The Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology is the first and only online platform that would potentially connect, assess and reward millions of teachers and students in Nigeria and across Africa. The Science Teachers’ Game (STG) as powered by the Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology are the first and only digital platforms designed purposefully to connect, assess and reward school teachers and students in Nigeria and Africa. The unique business model, which combines evolving features of financial technology, social media, entertainment, e-commerce and information technology that are in public knowledge and same business model as powered and supported by the Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology, with the sole purpose of creating immense value additions to the teaching profession and education , are unique and innovative andgives the platform competitiveadvantage

Planned Goals and Milestones

Currently the Science Teachers' Game as powered by Assppaa-ISBORS software and technology is deployed to secondary schools in Nigeria. Our next major project would be to deploy a different platform for university lecturers and students but still using the same software and technology.
Funding Goal1,000,000
New Implemented CountriesGhana, Gambia, The, Gabon, Togo, Uganda
Recruit1 Managing Director, 1 Chief Operating Officer, 30 Expert Science Teachers, 5 Customer Service Officers, 3 IT and Social Media Experts, 3 Drivers, 1 Human Resource Officer/Company Secretary
New FeatureAllows science school teachers in both public and private schools to be connected to an academic tech-hub that assesses and rewards them independent of the the influence of their employers and government


Sep 2017
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