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Innovative, low-cost and sustainable arsenic filtration technology at household level

Innovative, inexpensive and an ample filtration technology has been developed for arsenic removal from drinking water using agricultural and food-industry biowastes.

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Nabeel khan Niazi

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

An innovative, low-cost and sustainable arsenic filtration technology has been developed for scaling and implementation through partners. Through our outreach programs in Pakistan, this new arsenic removal filter is ready for rolling out in Pakistan.

Registered as a Non-Profit in Pakistan.

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Approximately 2.5% of the Earth’s water resources are fresh water, of which 30% is present as groundwater. Critically, this small percentage of fresh water, especially groundwater, has been further jeopardized due to prevalence of arsenic which is an alarming threat to millions of people due to its toxic effects. Our invention will target the SDG 6 and in particular SDG 13 (climate action), as we will make contaminated water available under changing climate.



The innovative, low-cost, user friendly and sustainable Arsenic Filtration technology will be distributed and demonstrated in different arsenic-affected areas of Pakistan through community-based centers for promotion and adoption of technology by people at household level. Cheap and freely available biowaste materials (e.g., sugarcane bagasse, peels of fruits) will be used for removing arsenic from drinking water through our partners - Arsenic Management Nucleus of the Urban Unit and AQUAGUARD.

Target Beneficiaries

The poor people in arsenic affected areas of Pakistan are expected to get benefits of this invention, with population estimated of about 40 million. The technology also entails huge potential impact of engaging and facilitating the water filtration companies, research institutions and government departments for adaptation and revamping. Being myself the member of UNESCO Chair on Groundwater Arsenic from Pakistan, the technology will be launched from UN platform.

Mission and Vision

Fabrication and distribution of a low-cost, simple, easy-to-operate and efficient filter for removal of arsenic from drinking water (groundwater). Marketing and scaling up for generating business opportunities in Pakistan and other affected countries. Adaptation by the people in arsenic-affected areas and improving millions of life consuming arsenic tainted groundwater. Disseminating the Technology to the Government of Pakistan on UN platform and making through public-private partnership.

Innovation Description

Our arsenic filtration technology will have real world impact because we are transforming biowastes, such as sugarcane bagasse, water melon rind, peels of fruits/crop residues, in to effective, low-cost and sustainable product for removal of arsenic from drinking water being consumed by million of people in Pakistan and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Competitive Advantage

A very simple filter prototype has been designed into food-grade filtration tank (100 L total capacity) with a capacity to store and treat 20-25 L of arsenic-contaminated drinking water in its top-head section. The filtration tank interior is being nicely and systematically designed to hold various piles of different materials and the Arsenic Removal Media and at the bottom a strainer to remove any fine particles, if present, while water flows-through bed media. The beauty of this out-of-the-box and bold solution is that water moves along the gravity-flow, thus demanding no electric supply for operation. The strengths of our arsenic filtration technology: • Locally manufactured product • Marketing of indigenous, low cost, environment and user friendly products/ technology that have already not been developed and marketed currently in the Pakistan and in world • Innovative technology • Efficient arsenic removal results in low cost as compared to other technologies

Planned Goals and Milestones

This new, low cost, and sustainable Arsenic Filtration Technology has huge potential for improvement worldwide, especially in developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal. We will upscale this technology to make it useable for large scale plants - this will be done in Pakistan at different locations where people are relying on arsenic rich water. One of our project, being a part and member of UNESCO Chair on Groundwater Arsenic, is being implemented in Pakistan.
Funding Goal250,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,500,000
New Implemented CountriesPakistan
Recruit3 management, 4 board, 6 advisor, 50 volunteers
New FeatureElement and area specific features; further modification for large scale applications


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