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Aqua Connect

South Asia's largest Aqua Farmers Network


Rajamanohar Konerirajapuram somasundaram

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6 out of 10 clusters of farmers in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have been enrolled and benefited so far. Call centre in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English are in operation along with four research analysts on field.

Registered as a For-Profit in India.

Focus Areas:

Aquaculture, Social Services and Fisheries

Aquaculture, Social Services and FisheriesSEE LESS

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Aqua Farmers suffers from information asymmetry that reasons out from the lack of transparency in the marketplace, access issues to the hatcheries and export markets, no or less support from the banking and financial sectors.While the large farmers are still able to get out of the clutches of such disadvantages, the small and medium Aqua farmers are stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation.



We provide an Omni-channel Marketplace for Aqua farmers to overcome the information asymmetry through low-tech and human centered information from our On-Field research analysts and toll free numbers in vernacular languages.Aqua connect app is the technological solution that uses Industry standard Cloud hosted solution architecture to support the need of the hatcheries, feed and chemical manufacturers and exporters with farmers in real-time.

Target Beneficiaries

Farmers- Low-tech human centered information services, enable access and connection with all stakeholders.Hatcheries- Seed deals form farmers,Plan hatching cycles based on our demand and supply forecasts.Input manufacturers- Feed and chemical leads from farmers,Plan production and distribution cycles based on our demand and supply forecasts.Exporters-Harvest leads from farmers, Efficient supply chain management with product traceability.

Mission and Vision

A transparent and accessible ‘marketplace’ solution to address the information asymmetry challenge could resolve the all crisis that ails the Indian Aqua farming sector.With procurement of seeds and storage of field inputs like the feed, chemicals and regular harvest leads through our services, the access to all stakeholders for the aqua farmers is enhanced. Better connection enables better quality leads, better earning, improve standard of living hence relieving them from poverty.

Innovation Description

'Aqua Connect' provides an Omni-channel Marketplace for Aqua farmers to overcome the current information asymmetry prevalent in the aquaculture ecosystem by

· Locating good quality seeds for the aqua farmers from hatcheries,

· Help procure feeds, chemicals, probiotics, nutrients for the culture at optimum rates from the input manufacturers and

· Creating a transparent market for their harvest.

It’s very important that the farmers find the right place and fair price to sell the harvest to have a reasonable profit margin.Thus,We help overcome the information asymmetry through low-tech and human centered information from our On-Field research analysts who remain in direct contact with the Aqua farmers and toll free number 1800 123 1263 in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English.Aqua Connect aims to educate the farmers’ through distribution of information through both direct communication mediums and through online platforms. Frequent workshops and seminars would be conducted by industry experts to disseminate such information.

While the farmer has free access to our services, the hatcheries pay a fee of 2paise per seed for our services.The exporters pay a fee of Rs.5000 per ton for our services.From the input manufacturers we earn 10-30%of their sales.

Competitive Advantage

With the traders and exporters are benefited from the growing aquaculture industry, the farmers bear the pain of lack of transparency in the marketplace and access issues to the export markets which gets the small and medium land holding aqua farmers trapped in the cycle of misery.

Providing app-based/web based solutions alone might not cater to the farmers at the bottom of the pyramid who have no access or required awareness or education to identify and use technology. At Aqua Connect, we value both low-tech human-centered communication and technology interventions to reach out to the farmers and eliminate information asymmetry.. Direct network can be effective when it comes to penetrating into the grass root level of any community to educate and empower them.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Geographical expansion across India, envisaging on aquaculture being a profitable occupation to induce a sense of entrepreneurship among rural people, ensuring practice of sustainable aqua farming practices for global food security for the larger social good and End-to-End supply chain assistance for the Aqua farmers.We also plan to launch an e-commerce portal in the near future where the farmers can view, compare and purchase various inputs with the help of our research analysts.

Funding Goal30,000
New Implemented CountriesIndia
New Featuregeographical expansion, launch of m-commerce portal.


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