Updated Mar 01, 2019

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Quest Digital Finance Limited-Akellobanker

Akellobanker is a data-driven mobile and web-based digital platform that enables low-income earners including farmers, Youth, women, and disabled persons to access mechanized Agricultural services, improved seed and medical services on credit.

Jean anthony onyait

Jean anthony Onyait

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

With support from ResilientAfrica Network, we conducted a need-finding assessment which informed the design and development of a client-centered Platform. The platform was piloted and deployed to 32 locations where 52,000 lives have been impacted.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Digital Finance, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Agriculture, Digital Finance, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and HealthSEE LESS

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Agriculture is the mainstay of Uganda's Economy employing over 80% of the Ugandan workforce. However, those involved in the sector struggle to increase their production and productivity due to limited access to credit services. Credit is a key catalyst to production, yet less than 10% of the commercial bank credit is channeled towards the agricultural sector. The commercial banks have sighted lending to farmers as risky, due to lack of collateral and financial history to facilitate credit.



Akellobanker offers easy access to tractor hire, improved seed, medical services and farm labour on credit, by leveraging data & mobile Tech to offer structured re-payments compatible to the user needs. The platform integrates mobile money and the use of USSD to facilitate instant access, disbursements and repayments. Moreover, the data historicals collected is used to generate unique Credit Identities, which track user credit behaviour and assign appropriate credit scores.

Target Beneficiaries

We aim to serve the over 2.2 billion farmers, youth, women and the disabled persons who need to engage in productive agriculture, yet lack access to financing, resources, and equipment to boost the production and productivity of their farm and non-farm enterprises. In addition, we serve the cash trapped Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) and Merchants, who want to reduce the risk of credit loss while maintaining good cashflows and improved service delivery.

Mission and Vision

Vision: An Africa where all Low-income earners have unlimited access to affordable services and product.
Mission: Use data & mobile technologies to enable low-income earners access services and products on credit

Innovation Description

Akellobanker offers easy access to tractor hire, improved seed, medical services and farm labor on credit, by leveraging data & mobile Tech to offer structured re-payments compatible to the user's needs. The platform integrates mobile money and use of USSD to facilitate instant access, disbursements and repayments. The technology uses the historical data collected to generate unique Credit Identities, which track the user credit behavior to assign appropriate credit scores. It is believed, that everyone has a financial history, except for the fact that it is not documented. The documentation processes form part of the customer journey towards making access to credit simple and easy.

To use the platform, the user can use their phone or walk to the nearest Akellobanker partner merchants who include SACCOS, Medical service providers, seed and tractor providers for assistance. The merchant can then sign up a user or a user who is currently enrolled can sign up another user. On signup, the SMS notifications with the user credentials are sent to the new user.

After the signup, a unique credit identity (CI) is assigned to a user. This CI contains both financial and nonfinancial data of the users. The data is used to conduct credit risk analysis, track user performance, track where else the user has taken credit. The generated score is then used to conduct ade-risking analysis to determine the best credit period and installment payments.

Competitive Advantage

Unlike other financial service providers who rely on financial information to issue cash credit to farmers, at Akellobanker, we use data-enabled mobile technologies to offer products and services on credit. The platform is USSD, SMS & mobile money driven and utilizes credit scores as a basis for instant credit underwriting to borrowers. This makes us Inclusive, Accessible & Convenient.

Our unique delivery channels which include partnerships with the rural financial service providers, specifically SACCOS and merchants such as seed service providers, tractor providers and medical providers who are established in the community make us stronger. These service providers are key in enabling us to profile users, manage credit and conduct digital literacy. This helps in easing access, usage, uptake of the platform, reducing transaction time, reducing the credit risk rate and risks associated with falsified data/credit scores from self-assessment.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are;
1. Raising $500,000+ in capital towards; 60% digital credit services, 20% operations, 15% Marketing, 5% Legal.

2. Increasing the number of users to 1Million in 12 months by digitizing 8,300 partner Merchants and providing incentives to users who bring other users.

3. Achieving a maximum of 0.5% default rate on nonperforming assets by integrating machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

4. Enabling Peer to peer credit assessment, approval, and guarantees.

Funding Goal500,000
New Implemented CountriesRwanda, Kenya
Recruit1 Operations Manager, 5 Marketing & Sales Managers, 1 Technical Support Officers and 2 Software Engineers
New FeaturePeer to Peer enrollment, self-accounts management for farmers and enable information sharing, enable Stock taking and accounting operations for merchants, ability of the merchants to create new products accessible on credit and Ability of users to request credit rescheduling


Aug 2018
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Apr 2018
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Credit scoring and risk analysis
Dec 2017
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ResilientAfrica Network
Nov 2016
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