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AIM2Flourish Curriculum

Flexible, experiential, professor-led assignment for business students to learn about the SDGs & business' role in achieving them--AIM2Flourish.com for 1,000+ mini-case studies of business innovations for the SDGs, all written by students.

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Aim2flourish For business as an agent of world benefit

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

April 2018: the AIM2Flourish assignment has been used at 57 schools worldwide by 63 professors, by 4,175 students who have published 1,000 stories on AIM2Flourish.com. Now: exploring revenue-generating partnerships and subscriptions

Focus Areas:

Education, Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship

Education, Leadership Development and EntrepreneurshipSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Canada, Finland, United States and 2 MoreSEE ALL

Canada, Finland, United States, Mexico and BrazilSEE LESS

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Business must help achieve the SDGs. Responsible company leaders are responding to the call to do good, but not fast enough. We need for all our business leaders to shift from a growth imperative to an innovation imperative.

Business education has to change rapidly as well. Students want to be part of world-benefiting organizations. But business schools still over emphasize profits and haven't yet adopted the SDGs into curricula.



AIM2Flourish.com is the world's first professor-led curricula, story platform and prize to teach the UN SDGs and business' role in achieving them. AIM2Flourish’s partners reach more than 2,100 management schools worldwide.

We offer a flexible, professor-facilitated curriculum with presentations, resources, and videos. Student report that the AIM2Flourish experience changes how they feel about business as a force for good and their own potential to be leaders.

Target Beneficiaries

16,000 higher-education business schools worldwide
All Business and management professors worldwide
All Business and management students worldwide
Business leaders who have their stories shared on AIM2Flourish.com

Mission and Vision

Vision: 100% of all business students graduate ready and inspired to be SDGs-achieving leaders and contributors.
Mission: Offer AIM2Flourish at 1,000 business schools worldwide by 2020.

Innovation Description

Using the SDGs as their lens, and after preparation from their professor, students identify an innovation, conduct an in-person interview with a business leader, and then write about what they learned. The students’ stories are published on AIM2Flourish.com to inspire other students, business leaders, and investors as part of an engaged global community. AIM2Flourish.com is now the world's largest collection of student-written mini-case studies about business innovations for the SDGs.

Competitive Advantage

AIM2Flourish is the world's first flexible, experiential assignment for the SDGs that creates the opportunity for face-to-face interviews with inspiring business leaders in our students' own communities. We leverage the power of Appreciative Inquiry interview techniques to prepare students uncover and report on positive and profitable business innovations that are already happening in their communities. The in-person, inter-generational interview between student and business leader creates the conditions for rapid, transformational mindset shifts about the power of business to be both profitable and positive. As a flexible and customizable assignment, AIM2Flourish can be easily incorporated into any class to support learning objectives, over any length of time, anywhere.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Launch a partially revenue-generating business model based on subscriptions and partnerships to ensure AIM2Flourish's long-term sustainability. Continue offering the AIM2Flourish assignment and story platform to institutions free of charge. Launch regional hubs of the AIM2Flourish.com platform to accelerate community engagement.
Funding Goal500,000
New Implemented CountriesChina, Kenya
Recruit3 staff, 100 volunteers
New FeatureOffer revenue-generating match-matching services between business innovators and impact investors. Offer partner-only added services to Academic Partner Institutions. Continue to offer AIM2Flourish.com's current service levels to all institutions worldwide at no cost.


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