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Agripreneur Platform for Community Development


Bayo Jekayinfa

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Safari Cities platform provides a new way of leveraging technology and global best practices to solve the root cause issues that are adversely impacting smallholder farmers in developing countries. The platform includes mobile applications, integrated with a cloud-based advanced scheduling technology with a potential to increase the average, smallholder farmer’s profits by more than 300%. This ...
Safari Cities platform provides a new way of leveraging technology and global best practices to solve the root cause issues that are adversely impacting smallholder farmers in developing countries. The platform includes mobile applications, integrated with a cloud-based advanced scheduling technology with a potential to increase the average, smallholder farmer’s profits by more than 300%. This happens through mechanization, increased hectarage, and reduced farm input costs.
How does your innovation work?
The Business Problem It is well documented that availability of affordable financing is one of the main issues facing smallholder farmers. However, as soon as one moves past the financing issue, a slew of other issues prevail that make it nearly impossible for the smallholder farmer to be successful and get out of poverty. The poor smallholder farmer has to contend with a disparate set of needs including sourcing of input, quality farm labor, land, best agronomy practices, mechanization, transportation, access roads, market, and predatory middlemen. Even when some of these resources are available, the probability of getting them in a timely manner is very low. As a result, the odds of failure increase multifold, lending risks become higher, and a great deal of value is destroyed or never created. Technology Innovation Safari Cities leverages its cloud and mobile-app-enabled IT platform, which includes:
  • SCASH – An advanced scheduling mobile application that provides the farmer or farmer group with a crop cultivation task schedule based on entered dates, location, and crop type. SCASH interfaces with Safari Cities cloud-enabled Agripreneur Platform.
  • Safari Cities Agripreneur Platform (SCAP) – A cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform built around the needs of the smallholder farmer such that the farmer or farmer group can shop for all services needed in one place. Trading Partners provide the following services: training, mechanization, automated planting and harvesting, farm security, insurance, transportation, processing, large land rental, and lending. Integration with SCASH’s location-tracked, scheduling data provides predictive analytics for Service Trading Partners (STP) and processors. This data, combined with previously negotiated, contiguous land parcels, provides opportunities for STPs to attain scale and reduce operating costs that can be passed on to the farmer. Lenders are able to reduce transaction costs and lending risks based on data from SCAP, as well as the inherent controls provided by the Safari Cities, trading partner ecosystem. Farmer group leaders are able to manage member data including demographics and farm performance metrics.
  • Integration Options – Safari Cities Agripreneur Platform and suite of solutions provide a basis for integrating and leveraging newer trends, such as crowd funding, equipment sharing, and the "uberization" of services, which ultimately contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development goal (SDG) of eradicating poverty.
  • Youth & Women – Safari Cities has created special booster programs to encourage the youth and women engagement in agri-business at different levels of the value chain. We’ve reduced the drudgery associated with farming by increasing automation through equipment sharing services. We’ve also used our platform to re-stratify the value chain activities, so as to take advantage of skills specialization along the value chain. Educated youth and women are encouraged to farm, or get compensated by creating and managing independent Safari Cities-type clusters of farmers. Youth and women can also progress within the value chain by starting equipment sharing or processing entities. All of these services are aligned through the logistics functionality of Safari Cities Agripreneur Platform.
  • Safari Cities Impact Funds– These are catalytic Funds used to stimulate the creation of an enterprise system of commercial services to address the needs of the smallholder farmer.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Initial research and designs conducted over the past few years have been completed. We are currently implementing a pilot phase that consists of 100 hectares of land, multiple farmer cooperatives, and more than 25 smallholder farmers. Recruiting and onboarding of service trading partners for the platform has begun. Also, a growing pipeline of smallholder farmers, who are interested in participating in the program after the pilot, has been established.
Yes. The program is in a pilot phase with smallholder farmers, SME vendors, and other users that are testing the innovation and providing feedback.
The company started operations in 2016 after 7 years of research, planning, and designing of the enterprise model. We are currently working on a 100 Ha pilot farm project in the Ogun State of Nigeria for the purposes of modeling our strategy. 20-25 farmers were selected to participate in the pilot program, dubbed “Safari Blitz.” Although advertisement has yet to begin, we have six more sites (over 600 Ha) with different clusters of farmers waiting to participate in the program. We’ve also been able to secure the commitment of some Diaspora sourced funds for the business, as well other commitments from local investors looking to support the project financially and through equipment sharing.
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Focus Areas:

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Mission and Vision

The innovation addresses SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9 as well as the World Bank Group's twin goals of “Eradicating extreme poverty & Enhancing shared prosperity.” It provides income opportunities for the 40 – 50% that are at the bottom of the pyramid. Its inclusive features providea creative way of engaging youth and women in agribusiness with a profitable, and sustainable entrepreneurial model. Safari Cities Platform puts a jurisdiction in a great position to increase its taxable base with trackable transaction data by enhancing the productivity of its hitherto dormant or underutilized human capital. Increased taxable base has the added advantage of making it possible for more infrastructure projects to be bankable.

Competitive Advantage

The major differentiator of our model is the use of an integrated IT platform, improved access to farm mechanization and finance to increase the average profit of smallholder farmer by more than 300% and improve smallholder farmer’s welfare. The Safari Cities Agripeneur Platform (SCAP) helps the smallholder farmer to create the effect of a large agribusiness and take advantage of the opportunities of scale while maintaining the autonomy and entrepreneurial ingenuity of both the smallholder farmer and micro SMEs within the system. Safari Cities™ is a for profit, impact investment, andinclusivebusiness founded on the premise that “you can do good, and do well at the same time.” If smallholder farmers can be more productive through improved access to automation, knowledge sharing, information technology, and enabling mobile applications, then there should be enough profit in the system for all participants. With atargeted and strategic alignment of resources, the cash flows from the resulting profits can be channeled into the development of the local community.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Safari Cities Agripreneur Platform has self-reinforcing and extensible features such that it can be rolled out across Africa. Our approach is to engage additional impact investors, apply any of our innovative financial models, roll out the model by geographies based on analytical intelligencefrom the data on the platform.
  1. Complete the pilot phase
  2. Engage social impact investors
  3. Recruit additional trading partners
  4. Engage financial intermediary partners
  5. Engage diaspora investors
Funding Goal10,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted20,000,000

The Team Behind the Innovation



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