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Affordable Children's Wheelchair

Wheelchairs of Hope is the private initiative of an experienced business and Product Development team who undertook the development of an affordable and Child oriented $100 wheelchair for less developed environments.

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Pablo Kaplan

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

time line 2016-2018
Production Q3/16 Deliveries at pilot countries Q4/16 Full production and sales Q1/17
Scaling up additional countries         Q2/19
Dev. Additional sizes( 2) Q3/19

Focus Areas:

Disability, Inclusive Education and Humanitarian Assistance

Disability, Inclusive Education and Humanitarian AssistanceSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Israel, Peru, Palestinian Territories and 2 MoreSEE MORE

Israel, Peru, Palestinian Territories, Vietnam and EthiopiaSEE LESS

Lives Impacted to Date
Countries Implemented In
Funds Raised to Date


According to WHO and UNICEF, over 7 million children do not have access to wheelchairs in less developed environments and according to UNICEF, almost 90% of those kids do not attend schools. - 9 out of 10 are left behind!!!



provision of affordable $100 innovative children wheelchair, designed to enhance the child self esteem and empower him to access education

Target Beneficiaries

children with low members disabilities, in the ages of 5 to 9 years old, with low postural seating demands.

Mission and Vision

The Vision of the initiative is to provide Mobility, thus increasing access to Education and improving children’s Independence.
The Mission is to accomplish provision of 500K wheelchairs in 7 to 10 years

Innovation Description

Wheelchairs of Hope is Israeli humanitarian social impact initiative lead by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a social agenda that has developed , will manufacture and distribute an innovative designed light weight and durable, children wheelchair oriented toward less developed resources environments. The mentioned children wheelchair is part of a comprehensive solution that will provide training to local teams on how to adapt and use wheelchairs for first-time users. The training sessions will be scheduled to take place at the ALYN facilities where decades of experience are available. Our enterprise approach and wide experienced business orientation combined with our social impact agenda allows us to scale up the model in a very cost-effective way to produce and distribute the children wheelchairs at a very competitive price, arriving to most of the third world countries References: (*) WHO & Worldbank,2011- World report on disability. World Health Organization. Geneva, Switzerland. (**) A comparison between persons with no schooling and persons with six years of schooling reveals a gap of US$440 to US$1,100. - from The Social and Economic Impact of Illiteracy: Analytical Model and Pilot Study – UNESCO

Competitive Advantage

Innovative design - not more a medical shady device
light weight compared to alternatives.
Provided at $100 world wide.

Planned Goals and Milestones

At an advanced stage,( 2019) in order to make it a more sustainable initiative and scaling the model, Wheelchairs of Hope duplicate the model to key countries.
getting funds in the form of grants or additional partner to allow mass production and distribution , development of two additional sizes and future scaling.
Funding Goal1,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted7,000,000
New Implemented CountriesColombia, Cameroon, Cambodia, Senegal, India, Uzbekistan, Ukraine
Recruit1 engineer, 1 ops manager, 1 business development, administrative team.
New Featurenew size with flexible adjust ability for children with CP requirements and a new generation of $250 motorized children wheelchair


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