Updated Sep 05, 2019

Abe's Eats

The first-ever Zabihah Halal and Glatt Kosher Interfaith Meat that helps foster inclusivity and religious harmony, starting at the dinner table.


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale


Despite similarities in faith-based dietary restrictions between Muslims and Jews, no venture has produced meat products approved for both communities. The root of this separation stems from generations of theological, political, and financial differences and at times, contention. As a result, most Halal and Kosher meat products are very niche, misunderstood, damaging to the environment, abundant in waste, low-quality, and inaccessible for the growing Muslim and Jewish consumers in the US.

Innovation Description

By creating meat that combines Muslim and Jewish dietary laws, we show that thousands of years of religious practices can merge. At “Shabbat Salaam” interfaith dinners we host across the country, our attendees are enamored by the concept of “Interfaith Meat.” After learning about the production process, they ask “what else can we bring together?” At its core Interfaith Meat is meant to foster inclusivity in our society through the power of food. Food is integral to our cultural identities, and what better way to generate harmony than by breaking bread, literally! We want to see a world where the food at all restaurants, cafeterias, sports arenas, and even on airplane rides can be accessible (and shareable) amongst everyone. Like language, food is a major gateway for society to understand each other at the dinner table, where sociopolitical issues can be left at the door. We envision students sitting in dining halls building bonds over meals for years. How’s that for peace building? While we are focused on growing our venture at home in New York and the United States in large, we see the value of Interfaith Meat being able to succeed in countries across the world with increasingly diverse populations. Europe would be an ideal landscape for Interfaith Meat to also foster inclusivity within the layered, complex social fabric of the EU and beyond.

Competitive Advantage

Abe's Eats has developed a unique meat production process that has been accepted by Muslim and Jewish religious leaders across denominations. Our first to market "Interfaith Meat" is helping to make the growing demand for Halal and Kosher faith-based foods more accessible, high-quality/healthier, and eco-friendly. As a 2-in-1 product, Interfaith Meat can make religious foods more accessible while helping food businesses save time, money, inventory space, and food waste. We embed a triple-bottom-line value system throughout our venture and products to help solve social, ecological, and economic problems in the food space and our increasingly diverse communities in our country. Our products break the mold of traditional for-profit meat distributors as we aim to champion our social/environmental impact initiatives and put them at the forefront of our organization. We desire to place pressure on industrialized factory-farmed meat production to practice regenerative agriculture techniques that help reverse climate change deterioration on our food systems. There may be hundreds of high-quality, grass-fed meat products, but we are the only meat company that offers Interfaith Meat. In such a saturated market, we are on our way to building the most recognizable brand in Kosher AND Halal foods. From our Abe's Meats name to our design work to our grassroots movement through our dinner events, we are bringing a fresh perspective to an industry held by very old players.