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One Planet Digital

We are building a digital platform, based on One Planet Living, to transform the way we plan for the future. Communities, enterprises and Cities can create connected action plans for a truly sustainable world.

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Katherine Lund-yates

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

We are working with 4 cities around the world to understand user's requirements for a sustainability platform. Initial users are giving feedback on the prototype, and we need funding to implement this feedback, and to scale our reach.

Focus Areas:

Environment, Enabling Environment, Digital Development and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Environment, Enabling Environment, Digital Development and UrbanizationSEE LESS

Implemented In:

United Kingdom, United States, Portugal and 6 MoreSEE ALL

United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, Tanzania, South Africa, Australia, France, Canada and DenmarkSEE LESS

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At present, people living in Europe consume the resources of 3 planets. In the US and Australia lifestyles would need 5 planets to support them. We have just one, and with a growing population and continuous development of countries, we need to learn to live within the means of the planet. Developed countries need to reduce their ecological footprint, whilst growth in developing countries needs to be carefully planned for environmental, economic and social sustainability.



One Planet Living is a simple, easy to understand framework that has been proven to create genuine change and lead to sustainable lifestyles. Unlike other complex sustainability frameworks, One Planet Living is a holistic solution to be used by anyone to create an action plan. One Planet Digital is a place to create, record and monitor plans. Users can ask Bioregional or certified consultants for help with their plans, or look at the plans of other similar organisations for inspiration.

Target Beneficiaries

Our innovation will benefit any community, organisation or authority that recognises the need to live within the means of the planet. Anyone that needs help in achieving the SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement, or national policies on sustainability will benefit from the holistic, straight forward framework that can be adapted for any sized organisation in any location. One Planet Communities, Companies and Cities benefit their citizens, the environment and wildlife.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is a world where all citizens are enabled to live happy, healthy lives within the means of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and nature. We want people and wildlife to thrive, not survive, and we see a world where everyone receives their fair share.
Our mission is to work with partners, whether they are business, governments or community groups, to provide our expertise on how to enable people to live One Planet Lifestyles.

Innovation Description

One Planet Digital will be the first multi-tenant application specifically targeted at enabling sustainability. Citiesworld-wide will be able to work with their citizens and companies to:

• Create straightforward, engaging One Planet Action Plans using the 10 one planet principles, helping to provide a road map towards achieving the SDGs

• Visualise progress, measure impacts and compare with similar cities

• Learn from and be inspired by other cities and stakeholders around the world

• Get recommendations from the ‘One Planet Guru’ chatbot which will use algorithms and artificial intelligence to recommend sustainability actions to best achieve required outcomes (e.g. how best to manage droughts based on GIS and climate data)

We envisage the system being able to answer questions from users such:

- How big is my carbon footprint?

- Which One Planet Principles are most important to our citizens?

- Which Actions have most impact?

- What is the ‘total social and environmental contribution’ of my city/company?

- Which Principles am I strongest and weakest on?

- Can I find a supplier to provide a sustainability service near me?

- How can I modify this action to contribute to more good outcomes?

- How can I communicate this success to my fellow citizens or customers?

Competitive Advantage

There are a number of existing sustainability initiatives that have excellent tools and reporting systems including:

· C40

· Global Reporting Initiative

· CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

· Resilient Cities

· Covenant of Mayors

One Planet Action Plans can build on and enhance anything communities have done with the other frameworks/reporting systems, but the framework can act as a gap analysis, identifying issues that may not be being addressed.

It is more comprehensive than existing solutions, addressing not only climate change but other environmental and social issues, ensuring a holistic response. The story is engaging so can involve citizens and small/medium enterprises.

One Planet principles can be used by small communities as well as global cities (most other initiatives are focused on global cities)

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have developed a Minimum Viable Product that allows users to create plans, set objectives and select indicators.
We need to integrate computer learning and artificial intelligence so that the platform can provide better guidance and suggestions, create a monitoring tool, enhance report functionality and build functionality that allows action plans to link together (e.g. corporations linking to their city's action plan).
Funding Goal650,000
New Implemented CountriesChina, Rwanda
Recruit1 CTO, 4 Computer Scientists, 1 One Planet Integrator trainer, 2 Project officers
New FeatureProvide automated suggestions for sustainability actions and indicators for developing a sustainability strategy, make baseline assessments easier to carry out


Oct 2018
Funds RaisedPENDING
Apr 2018
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Minimum Viable Product for One Planet Digital is launched and is being tested by four cities across Europe, Africa and North America
Aug 2011
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United States
May 2007
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One Planet Home
May 1994
New Country Implemented In
United Kingdom

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