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7 Generation Games


Maria Burns ortiz

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7 Generation Games creates multilingual immersive educational video games and interactive apps aimed at closing the educational equity gap and bridging the digital divide.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We have 5 years of usability and efficacy data. Students who used our games improved x 3 over the control group - and results were replicable. We have an expanding line of games, enterprise sales (with renewals) and operations in 2 countries.
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Focus Areas:

Education, Cognitive Development and Digital Inclusion & Connectivity

Education, Cognitive Development and Digital Inclusion & ConnectivitySEE LESS

Implemented In:

United States and Chile

United States and ChileSEE LESS

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The vast majority of students in the Americas will complete their education lacking the foundational skills necessary for 21st century workforce success. 74% of U.S. high school graduates fail to meet grade-level math proficiency standards. In Latin America, the problem is even worse with 90% of students two or more years behind. Current solutions are failing to close the gap and are technologically inaccessible to the vast majority of the world.



7 Generation Games combines educational research, game design and innovative technology (including artificial intelligence and augmented reality) to develop software that teaches, tests and tracks, providing individualized instruction for each user. Content can be culturally customized and is provided in context. Software is developed to be accessible in all educational and geographic settings, including offline versions and compatible with low-end hardware.

Target Beneficiaries

7 Generation Games was developed to create quality educational software for underserved and under-resourced communities that are traditionally overlooked by edtech companies. Our initial focus was U.S. tribal communities and rural English-language learners; however, as we grew, we found that our solutions meet an unaddressed need in the Latin American market, specifically when it comes to teaching math and English-language acquisition.

Mission and Vision

Better educational outcomes open doors to better futures. We develop games that teach the educational skills and subjects necessary to close the education gap with an emphasis on developing products for communities overlooked by most edtech companies because barriers to implementation are deemed "too high." We aim for our games to be as commonplace in classrooms as textbooks. There is no overnight, cure-all in education, but 7 Generation Games can be part of a greater collaborative solution.
New Implemented CountriesTrinidad and Tobago

The Team Behind the Innovation

7 Generation Games three co-founders bring experience in education, narrative and technology with a passion for creating a better, more equitable world through education. President AnnMaria De Mars is a statistician with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, having taught math at every level from middle school through graduate coursework. CEO Maria Burns Ortiz is a NY Times bestselling author. CTO Dennis De Mars brings 3 decades expertise developing simulation software and educational applications.



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TITLEDakota Learning Project
Digital Inclusion & Connectivity
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