Our mission is to help social entrepreneurs with innovations spend more time achieving theirs.

GIE helps social entrepreneurs fundraise more easily and quickly so they can spend less time on fundraising and more time on scaling their innovations. Social entrepreneurs on our platform are those creating innovations for developing countries such as mobile-based payment systems or bio-fortified crops that are more effective, impactful and sustainable than existing solutions.


Our platform also benefits funders and investors by allowing them to showcase their open funding opportunities, their portfolio of investments, and discover new innovations. This aggregation of data and information can provide further benefit to all development professionals who are interested in learning more about innovations in their sector or geography of interest.

Want to add your open funding call to GIE? Email us with a link to the funding website and we’ll take care of the rest!
Got Questions? We've Got the Data
GIE currently has 8,000+ innovations, has featured over 600 million USD in funding opportunities, and more than 2,800 verified deals on our platform.

This data gives us insights into trends, gaps, and opportunities that can benefit the entire global development ecosystem.

We're most excited about the power of this data to answer questions such as “Which Health innovations implemented in Kenya have received the most funds?” or "Which funding organizations have funded the most innovations implemented in India?" or "Which sector has the most innovations in Ethiopia?" That’s just the beginning. As the database continues to grows, we’ll be able provide insights and answers to tougher questions such as “Which innovations are likely to scale?”

Our Team
Our team is made up of digital technology experts, recovering social entrepreneurs, funders and industry experts who are passionate about accelerating innovation in developing countries using the best-in-class technology and data tools. Global Innovation Exchange is managed by Results for Development and funded by USAID, DFAT, KOICA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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