World Agricultural Prize 2017

The Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA) supports innovation and leadership in education, research, and outreach in the agricultural and life sciences. The GCHERA World Agriculture Prize will be awarded in 2017 to a faculty member from a higher education institution for lifetime achievements in agriculture and life sciences — including but not limited to agriculture, forestry, natural resources, food, bio-based products, bio-energy, rural development, and the environment.

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April 26th, 2017

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The nominee will demonstrate exceptional and significant achievement in his or her engagement in the mission of higher education institutions relating to the agricultural and life sciences - in education, research and innovation. This impact will most likely be demonstrated in the work of the nominee in the development of the institution(s) in which the nominee has served, and in the local and wider geographical region of those institution(s), but not necessarily globally. This engagement in the mission of higher education institutions will most likely have changed in emphasis, scope and the level of achievement as the nominee’s career has progressed. To be more specific, the nomination will demonstrate the extent to which the nominee has
• provided innovation and leadership in the education programs of students at all levels,
• engaged in research for the advancement of science for the benefit of society,
• engaged with the higher education institutions’ stakeholders, enterprises, government and NGOs in the immediate locality and internationally, and
• been an inspiration to students, to colleagues at all levels and to leaders in the wider regional international community.

It must be clearly shown that the achievements of the nominee have been the direct result of the specific actions and activities of the nominee (i.e., without his or her specific accomplishment, the change would unlikely have occurred).
• The impact of these achievements must be measurable, quantifiable, or otherwise demonstrated
• The number of people affected as well as the extent and benefit of the change they experienced will be a substantial factor in evaluating the relative significance of the various individual achievements being considered. 2 By definition a higher education institution is a university, college or some other designation which has a mission to deliver education and awards at least MSc degrees, and to conduct research.
• Substantial weight will also be given to the complexity of the activities and the degree of difficulty involved in achieving success. Similarly, consideration will be given to the vision,ingenuity and determination involved in attaining the changes and or advancements.
• A nominee must be living and in sufficiently good health to attend the GCHERA World Agriculture Prize Award Ceremony to be held at Nanjing Agricultural University on 28 October 2017 at the time of the 9th GCHERA Global Conference. The nominee must be able to give an acceptance speech, a presentation and agree to participate in selected media events.
• The Prize will be awarded to one person.

Application Guidance

Any higher education institution, private or public organization or governmental unit may submit a nomination for the World Agriculture Prize. Any such entity may submit as many nominations as it sees fit. All nominations are confidential, and the identities of the nominators and the nominating organization are kept in strict confidence. Individuals may generate nominations, but the nomination must be endorsed by, and submitted through, an academic institution, private or public organization. Please register your intention to submit a nomination at . On this website you will be able to access the online nomination form to enter the basic data about your nomination and upload the supporting documents as outlined below. You can view all your uploaded files from the “Uploaded Files Tab” once you have saved the nomination form with the most recently uploaded files. Please note that this application is compatible with Internet Explorer version 9 or later, Firefox version 5 or later, Chrome and Safari. You can edit your nomination up to the deadline for nominations, and you can upload the supporting documents as they become available. Please do not leave uploading your nomination until the last hour as the website may be exceptionally busy. The deadline for submission online to the GCHERA Secretariat is 17.00 GMT/UTC on 26 April 2017. All statements, letters of support and supporting documents must be submitted in English. If the original language of the additional documents is not English they should be translated into English.