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Wamda X

Offered by Wamda as part of Wamda X

Wamda X is a grant-based programme for founders with the aim to safe-route the often financially grueling and solitary path to entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to co-found businesses with Fellows by providing them with grants and opening up the Wamda network of mentors to help ease the process of starting and scaling a business. Wamda X will be the initial financiers for founders and offers access to Wamda Capital, which can continue financing these businesses as they grow.

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CLOSEDJan 20, 2019Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 1: Ideation, Stage 2: Research & Development and Stage 3: Proof of Concept
Implemented in:
RegionMiddle East and North Africa
Focus AreasAll Sectors
We are here to help co-found businesses from their earliest stages. Be it an idea or a revenue generating startup, we want to be a part of it.

Other Requirements

Management TeamSuccessful businesses are often started by mature founders who have several years of work experience but do not conform to the status quo.
That’s why we are looking for mature professionals who have a knack for solving market failures and those who embody leadership and efficient problem-solving qualities.
The qualities that make a great entrepreneur are often present before they even start a business. The best businesses are founder-run, so Wamda X is looking to partner with these founders from the early days of starting up.

Application Directions

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