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VentureWell E-Team Program

The E-Team Program is an integrated program of grant funding, training, coaching, and investment. Our mission: to give student teams the best possible chance to move technologies out of the lab or classroom and into the marketplace. E-Teams selected to participate will have the opportunity to secure up to $25,000 in grant funding, attend required workshops (Stage 1 and Stage 2), and receive coaching from VentureWell. Grant funds are awarded to the applying team’s institution.

Stage 1: $5,000 + workshop

Stage 2: $20,000 grant + workshop + coaching

Stage 3: ASPIRE program: training for investment and partnership readiness

Teams that complete all three stages of training and are raising equity or convertible notes are eligible to be considered for up to $50,000 in matching investment from VentureWell.
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CLOSEDFeb 07, 2018Deadline
Up to $25,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Created inUnited States
Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasAll Sectors
VentureWell defines an E-Team as a multidisciplinary group of students, working with a faculty mentor, to bring a technology-based invention (product or service) to market. The “E” stands for entrepreneurship. E-Teams may form as a result of a course, extracurricular program, or the independent initiative of students. There must​ be a minimum of two active undergraduate or graduate students on an E-Team;​ these students should have a role in decision making and leading venture development.

You are ​eligible​ for the E-team Program if:

● Your university is a VentureWell member by the time you submit your application. Check your school’s membership status here​:
● There must be at least two active students on the team (undergraduate, graduate, and/or doctoral) for the duration of the Stage 1 grant period. Some fellowship programs may also fulfill this criteria.
● You can verify university support (see below)
● You intend to commercialize your innovation where possible.

Your product is ​a fit​ for the E-team Program if:

● It’s an engineered, physical product that is different from other competing technologies
● Addresses a large commercial problem or opportunity
● Addresses a large social or environmental problem
● There is a plausible path to commercialization
● Commercial development is driven by the student team

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of Funds

VentureWell grant funding is awarded to your college or university. Grant funds are administered by an institution’s office of sponsored programs or an equivalent entity. Every institution works a bit differently, so we strongly encourage you to identify an administrative point of contact early, and work with that person to learn about your university’s internal processes and procedures. If you are accepted into the E –Team Program, you and your team will be working with your administrative point of contact on reimbursement for expenses/access to the grant funding.

A portion of the grant funds is intended to cover expenses related to your team’s participation in the required program workshops. Stage 1 does not require a budget in advance. Any remaining funds after the required Stage 1 workshop expenses are covered can be used to further develop your product.

VentureWell does not allow overhead to be taken from grants funds. We strongly recommend that teams consult with their office of sponsored programs (or equivalent) to learn their institution’s rules about overhead before submitting an application.

OtherExamples of projects that are ​not​ a fit for the E-Team Program:

● Projects without any student involvement.
● Faculty-driven projects in which participating students have no ownership of resulting intellectual property (IP) or low decision-making power to apply learning from the E-team workshops. (VentureWell strongly recommends that each team reads and understands its campus IP policy before applying.)
● Pure research projects without any defined commercial applications or potential.
● Therapeutics and drugs (due to their long technical development timeline and time to market).
● Web-based or mobile apps that don’t require significant technical innovation
● Projects without a clear technology invention or innovation
● Projects that don’t address a path to commercialization
● One-time projects that are not scalable
● Projects without a clearly articulated social and/or environmental impact
● Projects that do not involve an emphasis on entrepreneurship and/or that begin and end in the classroom. The student team leaders should show intention to move the technology beyond the classroom.

Application Directions

To enter the E-Team Program, all teams must apply first for Stage 1. Acceptance into Stage 1 does not guarantee acceptance into subsequent stages. The program is competitive and requires an application at each stage.

Application And Awards Process

All program applications must be submitted via our online system. Anyone on the team may serve as the applicant on a submission. ALL deadlines end at 11:59 pm Eastern time on the specified due date unless otherwise indicated. To start, you’ll need to have a VentureWell account. Creating an account is easy, and anyone can do it. To access an existing account or to create a new one, click here​. You may start, save, stop, and return to your online proposal at any time before submitting.



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