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USAID Support to End Tuberculosis

Offered by U.S. Agency for International Development

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam is seeking applications for a cooperative agreement from qualified entities to implement the program entitled “USAID Support to End Tuberculosis”. Eligibility for this award is not restricted.
USAID intends to make an award to the responsible applicant who best meets the objectives of
this funding opportunity based on the merit review criteria described in this NOFO subject to a
risk assessment. While one award is anticipated as a result of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), USAID reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted.
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CLOSEDMar 27, 2020Deadline
From $15,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasInfectious & Vector Diseases (Health)
Eligibility for this NOFO is not restricted.
While for-profit firms may participate, pursuant to 2 CFR 200.400(g), it is USAID policy not to
award profit to prime recipients and subrecipients under assistance instruments. However, while
profit is not allowed for sub-awards, the prohibition does not apply when the recipient acquires
goods and services in accordance with 2 CFR 200.317 -326, “Procurement Standards.” Forgone
profit does not qualify as cost-share.
Each applicant must be found to be a responsible entity before receiving an award. The
Agreement Officer (AO) may determine that a pre-award survey is required in accordance with
ADS 303.3.9.1 to determine whether the applicant has the necessary organization, experience,
accounting and operational controls, and technical skills – or ability to obtain them – in order to
achieve the objectives of the program and comply with established U.S. Government standards,
laws, and regulations. Applicants who do not currently meet all USAID requirements for systems
and controls may still be eligible under special award considerations and should not be
discouraged from applying. USAID welcomes applications from organizations that have not
previously received financial assistance from USAID.

Other Requirements

Reporting Requirements
The Recipient will consult with USAID on the format and expected content of reports prior to submission. The following is a listing of the Reporting Requirements for Standard Assistance
1. Financial Reporting
2. Program Reporting
a. Work Plan/ Annual Implementation Plan
b. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan
c. Quarterly Performance Reports
d. Annual Performance Reports
e. Close Out Plan
f. Final Report

Application Directions

Each applicant must furnish the information required by this NOFO. Applications must be
submitted in two separate parts: (a) Technical Application and (b) Cost Application. The
Technical application must address technical aspects only while the Cost Application must
present the costs, and address risk and other related issues.
The subject of each email of application submission must read as follows:
[Organization Name] [Part 1 of x] NOFO No. 72044020RFA00002: USAID Support to
End Tuberculosis
Hard copies, whether hand delivered or by postal mail, will not be accepted.


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