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USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project in Albania

Offered by U.S. Agency for International Development

The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project in Albania seeks to award grants to Albanian youth civil society organizations (CSOs), working alone or in partnerships with other CSOs, to promote local democracy, good governance and anti-corruption in Albania.
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CLOSEDJun 18, 2019Deadline
Up to $15,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept and Stage 4: Transition to Scale
Implemented in:
Focus AreasYouth Engagement and Contribution (Youth)
Enabling Environment (Youth)
Youth Friendly Services (Youth)
Good Governance (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)
Rule of Law and Human Rights (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)
The USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project seeks creative, innovative and collaborative applications in support of activities that will directly further one or more of the three objectives:

(1) Local capacity for long-term impact built;
(2) Democracy, governance, and civic education strengthened; and
(3) Vulnerable populations’ participation more fully in society improved.

The project provides grants for youth civil society organizations to enable them to carry out their initiatives. The youth civil society organizations that are registered and functional and deal with issues of civic / youth engagement and democratic governance including CSOs involved in youth empowerment, youth rights, good governance and anti-corruption at local and central level, increased citizen / youth oversight, capacity development, etc. are encouraged to apply for grants.

Eligibility: The prospective Grantee should meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

• Be a youth organization and / or having as target group children and youth.
• Have at least one year of organizational operational experience.
• Must not be a debtor to the state, must have cancelled any debt to the state, or have arranged for debt collection prior to receiving the first disbursement of the Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project grant funds. (This eligibility requirement will be checked for shortlisted applicants only.)
• Must successfully clear all the checklist items under ANTTARC’s vetting checklist (background, conflicts, suspension and debarment, and anti-terrorism).
• Have demonstrated ability to manage grant funds (evidence of financial accountability, systems maintenance of accurate, detailed records of all expenses, and have designated financial management personnel).
• Must operate as an independent non-partisan affiliated organization.

Milestones Reached

Years in Operation1REQUIRED

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of Funds
Types of activities that can be supported through the grants include:

• Capacity building activities aiming at building the capacities at the individual, institutional, coalition/network, and systems level, especially of associations for children and young people;
• Exchange of experiences among young people from different cities of the country on their initiatives / interventions, results/ successes achieved as a result of their interventions;
• Advocacy, stakeholder dialogue, and joint action initiatives organized by youth groups to build trust and foster democracy and inclusive socio-economic growth;
• Training, exchange, and dissemination activities aiming at dissemination of international best practices, introduction of new technologies, and “learning by doing” focusing on young people;
• Organization and functioning of the youth / community service delivery oversight committees to enhance government accountability;
• Good governance monitoring (including surveys, production of analysis, corruption assessment reports);
• Activities aiming at improving the socio – economic situation of youth.

Application And Awards Process

Applicants should submit their proposal (2 print copies and a CD) and required supporting documents during regular business hours (09.30 – 17.00, Monday through Friday) in a sealed envelope to:

USAID Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Project in Albania
Rruga Reshit Collaku, Pallati Bores, 1/20
Tirane, Shqiperi


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