CEPF invites to local and international non-governmental conservation organizations (NGOs), economic and community-based development NGOs, academic institutions, indigenous organizations, community organizations and representatives of the private sector interested in the sustainable use of natural resources to apply for small and large grants, within the framework of this Call
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CLOSEDFeb 20, 2018Deadline
Up to $140,000Amount
Criteria: LabelCriteria: DescriptionAmount Per Prize
Grant SizeSmall GrantsUp to $20,000
Grant SizeLarge GrantsUp to $140,000

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept, Stage 4: Transition to Scale, Stage 5: Scaling and Stage 6: Sustained Scale
Implemented In:
CountryEcuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru
Focus AreasEnvironment

Application Directions

All applications for small and large grants should complete a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before the
deadline for submission and following the established procedures and formats. The LOIs can be submitted in either English or Spanish.


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