The Millennium Alliance (MA) is an inclusive platform to leverage Indian creativity, expertise, and resources to identify, support, and scale innovative solutions being developed and tested in India to address development challenges that will benefit base of the pyramid populations across India and the world.
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CLOSEDAug 04, 2019Deadline
Up to $143,030Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 4: Transition to Scale, Stage 5: Scaling and Stage 6: Sustained Scale
Created inIndia
Implemented In:
Focus AreasAll Sectors
Although the Millennium Alliance will consider supporting innovations across all developmentsectors, it will prioritize the following sectors:
1. Education (with priority on innovations in early grade reading)
2. Water and Sanitation
3. Health (with a priority on innovations in the Family Planning & Reproductive
Health and Maternal & Child Health sub-sectors)
4. Agriculture/Food Security
5. Clean Energy/Climate Change
6. Others (For innovations from a sector not included in the above list, to be
considered the innovation must either benefit BoP populations directly, or
indirectly by creating or improving the environment that supports
improvements in the lives of BoP populations).

All Innovations conceptualized/tested/developed in India and catering to a base of pyramidpopulation stand eligible to be qualified for the MA Awards.

The following entities are eligible to apply for the MA Awards:
For Local private and non-governmental entities, who are registered entities in India
For-profit educational institutions
For Non-profit educational institutions
For Private individuals

Other Requirements

Potential for Scale
Through this call, the Alliance solicits applications under the following two stages:

Stage 1: Piloting or testing an innovation

Stage 1 funding is intended to support product development and to test the realworldviability of an innovation. Projects may conduct a pilot or other validation ofthe innovation. They should depart from current practices, be cost effective andmust have already established a proof-of-concept. Idea stage projects are noteligible for an MA award.

Stage 2: Scaling or replicating an innovation which has been successfully

Stage 2 funding is provided to innovative solutions that have demonstrated
success at a pilot or small-scale stage, and now require support to assess if the
solution can achieve larger scale development impact and whether it can be
successfully implemented at a larger scale. Stage 2 projects should leverage MAfunding strategically to access funding/resources from other project partners,government programs and funders.

Application Directions

As a first step, interested applicants must apply on the official
website of the Alliance Applications sent by post shall notbe considered for the program.


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