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The Kubota Fund

Developing countries are rapidly improving their social and economic infrastructures backed by economic as well as technical support from industrialized countries.

This kind of support should continue, but it is also necessary to gradually leave to themselves how to develop and stabilize their economy for the future. It is most essential for them to try to stand on their own feet.

(1) To provide financial aid to students/trainees/researchers who come from developing countries for pursuing academic degree, training or research at educational/research institutes or business enterprises in Japan (prioritized fields: civil engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, agronomic/agricultural engineering, energy engineering, environmental science, and development economics) at business firms or other organizations in Japan.

(2) Other activities necessary to accomplish missions of the Fund.

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CLOSEDJan 15, 2021Deadline
Up to $958Amount
12 months Duration(Months)

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasFinancial Sector & Investment (Economic Growth and Trade)
Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) (Education)
Economic Empowerment (Gender)


a. Applicant must be a national of developing country, or born & raised in a developing region, whose annual GDP per capita is less than US$7,000.-1.

b. Applicant should be officially registered to a research/educational institute or business enterprise located in Japan.

c. Applicant must be (or will have to be) pursuing academic degree(s)/conducting research project(s) on a specific engineering development theme (preferably civil, electrical, mechanical, agricultural engineering, environment, energy or development economics).

d. Applicant should be recommended by a permanent/professional staff, who holds capability/position to evaluate ability, achievements and potentiality of the applicant adequately, of the organization to which the applicant belong, such as his/her academic or managerial supervisor(s)

Other Requirements

Reporting RequirementsGrantees are required to submit reports on their training or study every six months, during the period in which they are receiving the grant REQUIRED

Application Directions

The applicant who wishes applying for the grant is required to submit the documents listed below. Registration of the application will be effective only when all the documents needed have reached the Secretarial Office of the Fund.

(1) “Grant Application” (to be downloaded from the website: http://www.kubota-fund.org ) Submit the document by E-mail ( kubota-fund@bx.n-koei.co.jp ). And also submit a signed original application document with your photograph by postal mail


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