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The Habitats Trust Grants

The objective of The Habitats Trust Grants is to recognize and support the heroes of conservation, organizations and individuals, who work tirelessly against insurmountable odds to protect and preserve India’s natural habitats and indigenous species of flora and fauna.

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CLOSEDMay 31, 2019Deadline
$14,400 - $36,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept, Stage 4: Transition to Scale and Stage 5: Scaling
Created inIndia
Implemented In:
Focus AreasWildlife (Environment)
Biodiversity (Environment)
The Habitats Trust Grants have the following specific objectives:

To financially support innovative, sustainable and replicable projects, proposed by committed conservationists working to secure a future for India’s habitats and indigenous species, one in each category, every year.
To identify the unsung heroes of conservation whose work has had a significant impact in the field, and publish a compendium capturing their work, so their efforts are recognized at a national and international level.


• Applicants must be locally registered in India.
• Only projects being carried out in India will be considered.
• Applications must be submitted in English to the best of your ability. This is not a selectioncriterion.
• Projects must have direct conservation benefits to threatened habitats or species. However, we recognize that data gathering may be a critical element in developing a conservation ormanagement strategy.
• Grants will only be provided for the conservation of indigenous species. Projects focusing onnon-native and exotic species will be rejected.
• Grants will only be provided for natural habitats i.e. areas composed of viable assemblages offlora and/or fauna species of largely native origin and/or where human activity has notessentially modified an area's primary ecological functions and species composition.
• Grants will not be provided for pure research work or for post graduate studies including thesis.
• Grants will not be provided for expeditions or for international travel to attend conferences andseminars.
• Applicants may only apply for only one grant per year across all grant categories.
• Projects must be structured to provide long-lasting and pragmatic conservation outcomes onground.
• Project impacts must be measurable and appropriate indicators must be provided.
• Preference will be given to projects with a significant community/stakeholder engagementelement.
• Projects should be a minimum of 12 months in duration, although each application is assessed on its own merit and the project length can be flexible.
• Funding must be used predominantly towards field-based activities.
• Budgets must be provided in Indian Rupees.
• Grants will be dispatched as per a funding schedule or on need basis over the project duration.
• Field visits will be carried out for all shortlisted projects.
• Successful applicants cannot apply for funding for the same project in two consecutive years.

Other Requirements

Reporting RequirementsSuccessful applicants must submit quarterly reports and a final report on the work supported by The Habitats Trust as per the reporting cycle and template provided.REQUIRED

Application And Awards Process

Applications will only be accepted through the online grants portals on The Habitats Trustwebsite (www.thehabitatstrust.org/grants).
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