Updated Nov 23, 2017

The Business Partnership Replication Fund

Offered by Department for International Development

The Replication Fund supports the replication of successful inclusive business models by filling the information gaps for companies and ‘intrapreneurs’ within companies who are looking to engage in inclusive business activity. It supports networks and initiatives that develop and disseminate evidence and knowledge of successful inclusive business models.
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Open Year RoundDeadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasAll Sectors and Inclusion
We are inviting applications for the Replication Fund from any for-profit or non-profit organisation, including companies, industry associations, business networks, NGOs and consultancies.

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of Funds

Replication of successful inclusive business models can include the following elements:

1. Knowledge products

The analysis or documentation of a successful inclusive business initiative, practice or policy that can then be disseminated as a knowledge product. Dissemination reaches business professionals who are not yet knowledgeable about inclusive business and/or those who are actively seeking such knowledge. It happens through organisations that specialise in inclusive business or through general business networks or business schools.

2. Uptake and internalisation

Once an individual or team within a company becomes aware of an opportunity to develop an inclusive business opportunity, there are a variety of ways that this knowledge can be translated into a new initiative.Structures and processes that support innovation will help an entrepreneurial individual to reach a point where the company is willing to invest fully in an inclusive business model. Full replication occurs when the business model is internalised in core business.

Replication Fund focus

Replication of inclusive business is not yet happening widely amongst MNCs.Research into the reasons for this suggest that there are often constraints within MNCs that are preventing the uptake and internalisation of inclusive business models. As an initial focus for its activities the Replication Fund will support initiatives that will help to identify these constraints andlead to the development of knowledge products that canhelp MNCs to address them.

Application Directions

If you have an idea for an initiative that fits the focus described above, please contact Tom Harrison (BPF Technical Director) attomharrison@partnerfordevelopment.euwith a brief description of your initiative.If it aligns with the current focus of the Replication Fund, we will ask you to develop a more detailed description of the aims, scope of work, project plan,timeline and budget for review and approval by DFID.
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