Updated Apr 15, 2019CLOSED

Strengthening Civil Society Organizations for Responsive and Accountable Governance in Rwanda

Offered by United Nations Development Programme

Civil society, as the ‘third’ sector of governance, constitutes an increasingly crucial element of accountability and citizen participation. The success of development and participatory governance depends on a robust state, a dynamic private sector and an active civil society with healthy levels of civic engagement.This Call for Proposals outlines the steps to be followed to apply for the micro-grant programme for national/local civil society organizations (CSOs), and research institutes, academia and think tanks specifically for the research grants. The proposals will be evaluated by an independent Grant Selection Committee ensuring equal treatment of all submissions
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CLOSEDApr 26, 2019Deadline
$27,000 - $49,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept and Stage 2: Research & Development
Created inRwanda
Implemented in:
Focus AreasDemocracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Child Protection (Gender)
Gender Equity (Gender)
Livestock & Agriculture (Agriculture)
Climate Change and Resilience (Environment)
Grant areas and thematic priorities
Eligible project proposals can focus on one of the eleven thematic areas described hereunder:
1) Human rights, legal aid and gender equality
2) Family promotion, anti-SGBV and child protection
3) Empowerment of people with disabilities
4) Social protection
5) Citizen participation and accountability
6) Service delivery
7) Youth empowerment and culture promotion
8) Capacity building of organizations, including the media sector
9) Protection of the environment for green growth and climate resilience
10) Extension services for agriculture and livestock
11) Promoting research for development

Organizations eligible to respond to this Call for Proposals are national/ local civil society organizations (including umbrella organizations), which are legally registered by the Rwanda Governance Board in line with the existing legislation. All applicants should possess a registration certificate issued by RGB and an organization bank account.

For the purpose of this Call for Proposals, civil society organizations encompass national non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations defined as follows:[1]

· Registered National non-governmental organizations (including media associations registered by RGB)

· Registered Faith based organizations

Specifically for grant area ‘Promoting research for development’, Umbrella Civil Society Organizations, Research Institutes, Academia and Think Tanks are invited to apply.

Application Directions

All documents will be completed electronically. Hand-written applications will not be accepted.
Applicants should also complete and attach all the required supporting documents (see list of Annexes in attached materials).
Applicants may submit their application documents (physical documents) in English or in French.


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