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Stars in Global Health Round 3

Offered by Grand Challenges Canada as part of Stars in Global Health

The Stars in Global Health program supports Bold Ideas with Big Impactfrom the best and brightest scientists and innovators, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to address some of the most pressing global health challenges. It provides funding to explore transformative ideas at proof-of-concept that bring together scientific/technical, social and business innovation.
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CLOSEDMay 15, 2012Deadline
Up to $100,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept and Stage 4: Transition to Scale
Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasHealth
This program is intended to fund early career-stage innovators. Applicants must:

Be no more than 10 years from having completed a PhD, a health professional degree (MD, RN, ND, Chiropractor), DVM, LLB, LLM, MBA (executive and online MBAs are excluded) or MPH at the time of taking up the award; the 10 years can be counted from the completion of a Master’s degree that follows a health professional degree; MDs must be no more than 10 years from having completed residency training at the time of application. All relevant degrees must be completed at the time of taking up the award

Be affiliated with a Canadian non-profit organization, for-profit company, or other recognized institution capable of supporting the proposed activities and administering grants

Have a co-investigator in a low- or middle-income country (see more details below)

Have the support of a mentor, who will provide guidance and facilitate career development.

Be willing to engage the public on their project and, more generally, on global health topics

Other Requirements

Target BeneficiariesInitiate and/or build upon partnerships between a Canadian organization and organizations in low- and middle-income countries.
Planned Usage of FundsMaximize delivery, uptake, acceptability, sustainability, and impact by integrating scientific/technological, social and business innovation. We call this “Integrated Innovation”.

Desirable attributes include:

• Approaches that can be used effectively to improve health in communities with no or only basic healthcare infrastructure/personnel.

• Solutions that can be easily assimilated into cultural practices and existing health delivery mechanisms

• Extreme affordability

• Approaches that reflect an understanding of the target user market and addresses the needs of this user

• Solutions that include a solid business plan to drive market penetration and uptake in poor countries
Impact Evaluation/M&E PlanHave a strong likelihood of achieving substantial and measurable health gains in an under-resourced setting.
Reporting RequirementsThe principal investigators funded under this effort will be expected to engage in the activities and provide the specific deliverables listed below, which will help to demonstrate project progress and success:

• Progress reporting, including periodic conversations via teleconference and written reports upon request

• Dissemination of knowledge through publications in peer-reviewed literature, etc.

• A final report that captures a clear assessment of the potential impact of the project - instructions for reporting will be provided to successful grant recipients. This report will also identify social, cultural and commercialization barriers to implementation, and an initial plan for delivering the intervention at scale that addresses these barriers.
OtherUp to $20 million CAD is available for this program. Awards are initially valued at $100,000 CAD for up to 12 months to demonstrate proof-of-principle of the idea.

Assuming a sufficient number of proposals of merit, up to 20 awards of $100,000 CAD will be granted in this third round of funding.

We initially intend to fund a total of three rounds of proof-of-principle awards. Upon application and successful review at 12 months after the initial award is granted, scale-up grants of up to $1 million CAD for two years may be awarded.

A minimum of 30% of the scale-up budget must be spent in the low- and middle-income country. We 6 expect only a small portion of projects to demonstrate sufficient success to be competitive for scale-up funding.

Simply achieving proof-of-concept will not automatically lead to scale-up funding. Up to 14 scale-up awards may be granted over the three rounds of competition.

Application Directions

The full proposals will consist of submission of a brief written proposal and applicant curriculum vitae (CV), in addition to a two-minute video explaining the target global health problem, the proposed solution, and why it is a creative, bold, and innovative approach. You can submit your video in either English or French, or both. The video must not exceed two minutes; any videos that are longer than two minutes will be truncated at the two-minute mark.

Application And Awards Process

A review committee, overseen by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research will recommend to the Grand Challenges Canada Board of Directors up to 20 applications for funding. The Board of Directors will make the final funding decision.

Past Funded Innovations Of Stars in Global Health Round 3

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