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Sorenson Impact Foundation Program Related Invesment

Offered by Sorenson Impact Foundation

Sorenson Impact Foundation makes Program Related Investmentssupporting projects that leverage scarce resources to help individuals, families, and local economies. Each investment is evaluated and tracked based on its measurable impact, sustainability, ability to effect positive change, and synergy with other Foundation projects.
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Open Year RoundDeadline

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 4: Transition to Scale and Stage 5: Scaling
Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasFinancial Sector & Investment (Economic Growth and Trade) and Inclusion
Housing and Infrastructure
Microeconomics (Economic Growth and Trade)
To be eligible for consideration, in addition to meritorious exempt activities, applicants are required by U.S. tax laws to provide certain information designed to help SIF determine if the applicant meets specific requirements and will use the investment or loan funds only for the purpose for which the funds are made available. If SIF determines that an applicant meets those requirements and otherwise decides to make an investment or loan, a prerequisite to funding will be the applicant’s entering into an “expenditure responsibility,” or “ER,” agreement, committing applicant to certain conditions and reporting responsibilities discussed below. SIF will conduct its PRI investment screening in a manner sufficient to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Milestones Reached

Years in Operation2

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of FundsThe ER Agreement between SIF and a selected applicant will include acommitment to use all amounts received from SIF only for the purposes of the investment and to repay any amount not used for those purposes, provided that, for equity investments, the repayment shall be made only to the extent permitted by applicable law concerning distributions to holders of equity interests
Potential for ScaleAccordingly, the Sorenson Impact Foundation seeks to implement programs that are self-sustaining and have a long-term impact. In arts education, as another example, do the programs represent a more efficacious means of performance improvement than existing approaches so they can win the hearts, minds and committed effort of legislators, educators, administrators and parents?
Financial StatementsApplication form requires past two years revenue and expenses.
Impact Evaluation/M&E PlanHow does the project measure impact? How does it lift and empower the people it serves? For example, how and to what extent does a prospective social impact project improve the earning capacity of the ultra-poor? How much does an arts education program improve demonstrated student academic performance or engagement (for example, attendance, behavior and test scores)? What skills and experience does an entrepreneurship training project provide for the students it serves, and what measurable difference does it have on job placement, investment performance and other aspects of entrepreneurship and investment?

Application Directions

Applications for PRIs, whether by mail, overnight or hand delivery, should be delivered to:
Sorenson Impact Foundation
299 South Main, Suite 2200
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Application And Awards Process

Applicants must submit four application packages. These proposals should be bound in a secure fashion.



Past Funded Innovations Of Sorenson Impact Foundation Program Related Invesment

APR 2019
  • $850,000PENDING
    1. TITLEScaling last mile healthcare and R&D/approvals of our AI technology
    2. TYPEEquity
    3. FOCUS AREASTechnology and AI
    4. IMPLEMENTED INTechnology and AI
    5. FUNDINGSorenson Impact Foundation Program Related Invesment
    6. ORGANIZATIONSorenson Impact FoundationSorenson Impact Foundation
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