Updated Jun 27, 2019CLOSED

Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section Conservation Research Small Grants Program

The Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section initiated the Conservation Small Grants Program (CSGP) to fund worthy conservation projects around the globe. The objective of the SCB Marine Section CSGP is to advance the conservation of marine biodiversity and the communities which depend on healthy marine systems by providing funds to individuals or groups for research, conservation, and restoration activities in support of the section’s mission toadvance the science and practice of conserving the Earth’s marine biological diversity.
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CLOSEDAug 15, 2019Deadline
$750 - $1,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasAquaculture (Agriculture)
Applicants must be members of the Society for Conservation Biology’s Marine Section. Applicants must be conducting conservation efforts in developing countries. If your project is being conducted in a country that is not designated as developing by the World Bank, but has less access to conservation funding, your application may still be considered with sufficient justification. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate capacity to accomplish the proposed work (e.g., through matching funds, matching funds in kind, or existing in-country capacity), and to first-time applicants. Funds must be spent within 12 months after award.

Examples of eligible activities:
Providing materials to train local residents to reduce impacts of human activities on marine organisms and their habitats;
Developing educational materials for implementing conservation practices, such as teaching fishers to reduce bycatch;
Surveys of previously unsurveyed areas to evaluate status and conservation of marine organisms or habitats;
Travel to and from research sites;
Participant travel to focus groups/workshops;
Research equipment and supplies (e.g. dive equipment, sampling supplies, photographic equipment);
Other direct costs (e.g., boat fuel).

Other Requirements

Non-eligible activities:
Travel to the ICCBs, IMCCs, or other meetings;
Personal expenses such as food, lodging, or professional membership fees;
Researcher salaries;
Tuition or course fees;

Application Directions

The application form may be accessed online, and the application materials may be sent via email.
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