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Small Scale Project by the German Embassy

Offered by Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, United Nations and European Union

Under the small-scale scheme swift and direct financial assistance can be provided to NGOs, local communities and religious institutions for the implementation of a small project for the benefit of disadvantaged groups of society.
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CLOSEDDec 31, 2018Deadline
Up to €14,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasEnergy
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
Urbanization (Housing and Infrastructure)

The focal areas of cooperation that Bangladesh and Germany have agreed on are:

•Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: The economy in Bangladesh has shown tremendous growth over the recent years. In order to meet the increased energy demand and to achieve a sustainable economy, innovative solutions for the energy sector are needed. Germany offers to share its experience from its own transition to renewables.

•Good Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights: Regarding Bangladesh’s RMG Sector, GDC has teamed up with private sector, employees, government, international partners and the ILO, as well as with civil society and the academia in order to improve the labor conditions in the factories.

GDC also collaborates with the government to improve the justice system. Paralegals are being trained to improve cooperation between courts, prisons, the police and underprivileged inmates in order to reduce periods of detention for under-trial prisoners and to prevent overcrowding of prisons.

•Adaptation to Climate Change in Urban Areas: Rapid urbanization and the effects of climate change, such as severe floods, drought, cyclones and sea level rise pose immense challenges for Bangladesh's already overburdened cities. Cities need to be prepared according to their specific needs and available resources. GDC supports its local government partners in coping with these challenges through planning and financing resilient infrastructure..


Content: any issue, innovative ideas are appreciated

Conditions as to the eligibility for funding:

- Projecthasa direct and concrete impact for the beneficiaries

- Implementation of the projectwithin the calendar year for which the funds are granted

- Whole measure has to be ensured for at least two years after completion of the project

Other Requirements

Financial StatementsOrganisation has topay acounterpart contribution

Not eligible for funding:

- Personnel, administrative and running costs, micro credits, revolving credits, seminars, workshops

- Purchase of land properties

- Projects that are sponsored by any other organisation that receives contributions from the Federal Budget of Germany (e.g. European Union, United Nations, GIZ)

Application Directions

Projectproposals may be submittedto this Embassy ashard copyduring the last quarter of each year, in order to be considered for possible funding for the following year. Please use the Embassy'sapplication formfor your proposal to be considered. Please add the following documents:

- Proof of Registration of the organisationin Bangladesh

- Detailed budget, dated and signed by two officials

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