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Saving Lives at Birth (Round 2)

Offered by U.S. Agency for International Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Norad and Grand Challenges Canada as part of Saving Lives at Birth

We seek groundbreaking prevention and treatment approaches for pregnant women and newborns in poor, hard-to-reach communities around the time of delivery. This is the period when the majority of maternal and newborn deaths occur and the population that has been the most difficult to reach. We seek innovative ideas that can leapfrog conventional approaches in three main domains: (1) technology; (2) service delivery; and (3) “demand side” innovation thatempowers pregnant women and their families to practice healthy behaviors and be aware of and access health care during pregnancy, childbirth and the early postnatal period, especially the first two days after birth.
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CLOSEDMar 01, 2012Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America / Caribbean, North America and Middle East and North Africa
Focus AreasMaternal Newborn and Child Health (Health)

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of FundsInterventions that:

Substantially increase demand for and access to primary health interventions for women and newborns (for example, by at least 50 percent for interventions with low coverage);
Substantially improve the quality of care as measured by health outcomes; and
Improve and sustain healthy behavior.

Solutions Should

Be "off the beaten track," daring in premise, and clearly differentiated from standard practice;
Enhance uptake, acceptability and provide forsustained use(potential for sustainability as defined as cost-recovery, sustained use, and sustainable impact);
Below-costor highly cost-effective solutions;
Have a strong likelihood of achieving asubstantial impacton one or more important adverse maternal, fetal, or neonatal health conditions;
Bescalablein resource-poor settings;
Be able to bemonitored, measured and evaluated.

Past Funded Innovations Of Saving Lives at Birth (Round 2)

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