Updated Dec 20, 2017

Robert Bosch Stiftung Funding for Projects in Peace and Conflict Transformation

Offered by Robert Bosch Stiftung

Our aim is to support those projects that serve to facilitate conflict transformation in conflict (and post conflict) societies in different regions. As a result, projects are supported that focus on dealing with the past, including questions of transitional justice, mediation, human and minority rights, the unique role of digital technologies in conflict (and post conflict) societies, the way conflicts are reported on, and the role played by religion in conflicts.
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Open Year RoundDeadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasPeace and Resilience (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of FundsOur aim is to be a reliable, upstanding partner, which is why we scrutinize and examine the benefit of each project in light of our quality standards and our associated commitment to quality assurance. This includes ensuring that projects are implemented in an efficient and cost-effective way on the basis of a binding cost and financing plan.

We do not fund any of the following:
- Building projects, investments, manufacturing facilities
- Ongoing infrastructure costs
- Projects that have been proposed in the past
- Individual scholarships outside of our fellowship programs (no scholarships for vocational training, degree programs, internships, doctoral programs)
- Casework (e.g. treatment costs, car costs)
- Printing costs
- Evaluation measures outside the scope of projects carried out or supported by the Foundation
- Projects that are not transferable (individual case, no transfer possible), not sustainable (no follow-up opportunities), and/or not innovative
Potential for ScaleWe are particularly eager to support projects that make it possible to transfer good practice from one region or target group to another.
OtherWe support people who are dedicated and prepared to shoulder responsibility. We offer them scope for their ideas and set up platforms for exchange between cultures and decision-makers as well as for national and international knowledge transfer. Alongside funding for scholarship holders, we also work with multipliers who ensure that our projects have a wide-reaching effect. These include journalists, researchers, teachers, educationalists, social workers, and medical specialists.

Application Directions

Applicants start by submitting a written inquiry in which they briefly outline their project idea and its financing by answering a series of set questions.

Please contact either Henry Alt-Haaker (+49 (0)30 220025-322) or Hanna Gleis (+49 (0)30 220025-321).

Application And Awards Process

We will get in touch with you after about four weeks. If we wish to pursue the project further, you will receive an invitation to submit a grant request. We only accept grant requests that we have invited in this way. The invitation itself does not constitute a preliminary decision with respect to funding for your project.
Round 11 months


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