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Request for Proposals - Software Services

The objective of the Request for Proposals (RFP) is to contract an international software solutions provider for a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) platform to be made available to the Vessel Monitoring System-VMS Control Centre, Department of Fisheries (DoF) in Nay Pyi Taw to enable the DoF and other Myanmar Government departments and associated National institutions to monitor fishing activity of their flagged vessels.
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CLOSEDJul 22, 2019Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasFisheries (Environment)
This Request for Proposals has been advertised in national and regional media and addressed to qualified international companies, organizations and institutions.

A Company will be selected under an open, two stages Request for Proposal (Technical and Financial Proposal), Quality Cost Based Selection RFP with Full Technical Proposal (FTP) format as described in this RFP in accordance with the best practices in the sector and following guidelines formulated in the World Bank. See attachment for more information.

Other Requirements

Financial StatementsAll Financial Proposals must include:
- The proposed price for VMS complete system in conformity with technical specifications as a total cost for 2 years
- Tender Guaranteed of 1% of the offer as described in the bidding documents

Application Directions

Proposals shall be sent electronically in 2 separate emails:
- One email for the Technical Proposal with the subject: RFP8 - (name of bidder) Technical Proposal
- and another separate email for the Financial Proposal with thesubject: RFP8 - (name of bidder) Financial Proposal


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