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Re-skill, Santander X Tomorrow Challenge

In Santander X, we believe in the power of leaders, creators, innovators, people who think ahead and different, who see problems as opportunities, in other words, we believe in high-impact entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs have been tested with uncertainty, vulnerability, peer pressure, and risk of failure, but still, have managed to thrive and change the course of human history. This time will not be any different.

These days you might be drowned by never-ending news around the COVID-19 and its short and mid-term implications in our society. But successful entrepreneurs are not focused on today's problems, they try to solve tomorrow's problems with today's emerging technologies or resources.

That's why we have created the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge! A global call with over 1 million euros in prize funding to support the visionary entrepreneurs who are focused on the day after the storm, on the problems we will face by entering the new reality.

If you are a co-founder of an early-stage startup that is focused on creating a high-impact solution that could help society post-COVID-19, then this call is for you.

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CLOSEDJul 02, 2020Deadline
Up to $22,461Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America / Caribbean, North America, Middle East and North Africa and Low and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasEntrepreneurship (Economic Growth and Trade)
Infectious & Vector Diseases (Health)
Economic Recovery (Humanitarian Assistance)
  • • Have at least one product and/or service in the market.
  • • Have developed a prototype or simulation of the final product and/or service.
  • • Have a nationality or residence from one of the following countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Poland, Portugal, UK, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Colombia.

Application Directions

Applications can be submitted directly online.


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