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Publication Support Scheme

The Publication Support scheme provides additional, shorter-term support for the completion of cross-border investigative projects that are already underway.
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CLOSEDSep 18, 2020Deadline
Up to €6,250Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionEurope and Eurasia
Focus AreasSecurity
Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
1. To be eligible under the Publication Support Scheme, applications must be submitted by teams of journalists and/or news organisations that meet the following criteria:

they are based in at least two EU member states or at least one EU member state and one official EU candidate country; and
they are collaborating on a topic of cross-border relevance.
UK-based journalists and organisations will be considered as “based in an EU member state” under the Publication Support scheme (For guidelines for including journalists or news organisations from non-EU member states and candidate countries, please visit our FAQ section.)

2. Applications must justify the relevance of the investigation for the public interest in the eligible countries targeted by the investigation, or for the broader European public sphere.

3. Freelance journalists, staff journalists and news organisations are welcome to apply. Beyond fulfilling the geographic criteria noted above, there are no restrictions regarding the composition of investigative teams or the number of team members. Teams may consist of freelance journalists only, employed journalists only, news organisations only, or be a collaboration between freelance and staff journalists and news organisations.

4. Grant funding may be used to cover any costs necessary for the completion and publication of the investigation and production of journalistic content, including salary and human resource costs, research-related costs, translation and travel costs. The only exception applies to equipment (hardware) costs, which are not eligible.

5. Teams must submit a budget as part of their application, based on this model budget.

6. Applications must be submitted in English.

7. Projects that apply to/ receive support from IJ4EU’s Investigation Support Scheme will not be eligible for the Publication Support Scheme.

Publication requirements
8. Projects must be completed and originally published by respected news organisations or platforms in at least two EU member states (or at least one EU member state and one EU candidate country) no later than the end date of the project as stated in the individual Grant Agreement. Subsequent publication may continue beyond this date.

9. Projects may initially be published behind a paywall, but must be made available outside of the paywall after one month.

10. Given the mobility and travel restrictions in place in many countries, as well as the particularly fast-changing news environment due to COVID-19, applicants should provide brief information on how they expect to to carry out the project and how they plan to adapt to any changes.

We understand that investigative journalism is an unpredictable enterprise. Therefore, Grant Agreements will require that grantees make every reasonable effort to meet the publication requirements, and to contact the EJC prior to these requirements prospectively not being met.

Investigations will need to refer to the support from IJ4EU when they are published.

Eligible topics
11. IJ4EU is open to cross-border investigative projects on any topic. This includes, but is not limited to, corruption, illicit enrichment and financial crime, security, democracy and human rights, environment and climate change, and health – including the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects must aim to reveal new information that is of relevance to the public in at least two EU member states (or one member state and one candidate country) or to the wider European public sphere.

IJ4EU is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of topics and teams across Europe. We welcome projects focusing on underreported issues. Furthermore, teams working in eligible countries where investigative journalism is under pressure, including financial and political pressure, are especially encouraged to apply.

Other Requirements

Reporting Requirements
Payment and reporting
For teams selected for grant funding, the payment of grants will be made in two instalments:

80% of the grant amount will be paid upon signing of the grant agreement by the awarded project team
The remaining 20% will be paid following the submission of a final report by the project team, demonstrating the fulfilment of the grant requirements.
The final report will be due within 1 month of the end date of the project as stated in the individual Grant Agreement. The report must briefly describe the action(s) carried out with IJ4EU support, as well as expenditures, dissemination efforts, publication achievements and the public impact, if available at the time of reporting. Grantees will not be required to provide detailed documentation (e.g. receipts) of their spending or accounting information as a precondition of payment of the final instalment.

Application Directions

Applications must be submitted via the Award Force platform (https://journalismgrants.awardsplatform.com/).
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