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Promoting Research & Development into Agricultural Innovations and Modern Technologies in Nigeria

Offered by U.S. Agency for International Development

The USAID-funded Trade Hub activity is a five-year trade and investment facilitation interventions that seek to improve private sector competitiveness in West Africa. By coinvesting with the private sector and other organizations thanks to its contribution of $60 million, the Trade Hub will encourage private-sector investment and, growth in strategic sectors including, but not limited to, agriculture, services, water/sanitation, and light manufacturing.

Under this Notice of funding opportunity, the Trade Hub is soliciting applications from private sector companies, non-governmental organizations, and public organizations who have proven and marketable technologies and innovations to improve smallholder farmers’ productivity and livelihoods in Nigeria.

The primary objective is to increase agricultural productivity and profitability through targeted interventions that will scale up the production, dissemination, distribution, and marketing of new agricultural technologies and improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers. The Research and Development (R&D) interventions also aim to meet global challenges of (i) producing more food with less land and water, (ii) improving nutrition, and (iii) helping farmers adapt to climate change.

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CLOSEDFeb 24, 2021Deadline
Up to $2,000,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasEconomic Growth and Trade
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • To be eligible for award under this opportunity, an applicant must demonstrate that it falls into one of organizations below:
  • a) Private Sector Companies
  • b) Foreign Organizations (referred to as non-U.S. NGOs): either nonprofit or for-profit organizations that meet the definition in 2 CFR 200.47. See definitions page attached to this APS.
  • c) Non-profit Organizations: Organizations that meet the definition of 2 CFR 200.70. See definitions page attached to this APS.
  • d) For-Profit Organizations
  • e) National and International Research Institutions, including universities

The Trade Hub aims to co-invest in proven technologies and innovations on a grant matching

principle with local/international public and private sector actors, and research institutions that promote smallholder farmer productivity and incomes as mentioned in section 2 of this APS.

Eligible organizations with R&D initiatives that engage in smallholder-productivity improvements or processing, and which align with Trade Hub’s targeted value chains and regions are invited to submit concept notes to support the piloting and the scaling of their proven technologies and innovations.

A general eligibility requirement is that the proposed projects and activities must provide at least a 1:1 cost share/leverage ratio. This may be funded through private financing, which can include equity capital (internal or external), and/or debt capital from banking and other financial institutions or paired with foundation or donor funding for research purposes. Further, the Trade Hub will prioritize the innovative ideas that exceed the one-to-one matching fund requirement governing the grant partnership as well as activities that have potential to engage women and youth.

Application Directions

Applicants interested in submitting a concept and/or application must first register via Creative’s grants management system, SMART, at smart.fluxx.io/apply/watih. After registering, applicants should contact the Lead Grants Manager, at grants@westafricatih.com. After an applicant’s registration has been accepted, they will be able to submit concepts and/or applications at any time while the APS is open. All concepts and/or applications must be submitted via SMART unless noted otherwise.
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