Updated May 19, 2021CLOSED

"Our Food. Our Future”: Youth awareness raising about food justice, migration and climate change

Offered by Oxfam International and European Union

Our main approach is awareness-raising and mobilization of young people across Europe. The youth will be engaged through a pan-European campaign, in their individual countries, with current research, and interactive engagement formats while multipliers such as journalists, bloggers/vloggers, and influencers will attract and mobilize youth to be part of changing narrative and behaviour in Europe which reflect a socially just and sustainable food system.

Our Food. Our Future will provide financial assistance to one third party (sub-grantee) from each of the following European countries: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia. The main objective for sub-grantees as part of the Our Food. Our Future is to broaden the impact of our campaign in Europe by expanding the reach of the project’s messages and activities in more European countries.

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CLOSEDJun 21, 2021Deadline
Up to $73,324Amount
12 to 22 monthsDuration(Months)

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
CountryGreece, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovakia and Latvia
Focus AreasYouth
Youth Engagement and Contribution (Youth)
Climate Change and Resilience (Environment)
Displaced Persons & Migration Management (Humanitarian Assistance)
Citizen Participation (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance)
Digital Inclusion & Connectivity
Communications and Media
Communication with Communities (Humanitarian Assistance)

Sub-grantees must:

be legally registered non-profit seeking organisations:

contribute to achieving a more just food system.

Other Requirements

Target BeneficiariesPriority will be given to organisations that demonstrate the capacity to reach the main target group (15-35 years old in a European country). The sub-grantee can choose which age group within the range it chooses to target; it is not a requirement to target the entire age range.
Reporting Requirements

Sub-grantees will receive a reporting template for activities and forfinances in English from Oxfam. Oxfam will provide instructions for the completion of these templates.

The templates should be completed on a regular basis, according to the agreed reporting schedule.

Application And Awards Process

Applications should send all the following completed documents:

(1 )Application form

(2) Budget template

(3) Activity timeline

Applications shall be submitted in English.

A full application should be sent electronically to the following e-mail address: subgrantsOFOF@oxfam.de

Only complete applications will be considered. Applications received after this date will not be considered. Deadline of submission is close of day June 21st, 2021


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