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45% of children lack adequate nutrition in the remote region of Tamilnadu, India. The problem to be solved for  Small-scale kitchen vegetable gardens! Please your help, 10 families in need will receive Organic seeds, fruit tree seedlings, rainwater collection and irrigation systems, and organic gardening  and give Training and support ensures that knowledge of small-scale farming will return and over 10 families (Remote village) will have a sustainable source of nutrition and new water supplies.


World Bank data shows that India has one of the highest percentages of children suffering from malnutrition - double .   Tamilandu  has one of the high rates of malnutrition in the country so Inadequate access to nutrient-rich food and poor soil conditions has created a dire situation. This is further compounded by a lack of education, opportunity, and family-centered food sources that help prevent malnutrition.
Kitchen gardens provide a practical, sustainable solution that equips underprivileged families with the means to grow their own nutrient-rich food to reduce malnutrition and improve quality of life. SEED offers this effective training and resource program to impoverished households in destitute villages, where over  50 families are in need of this program. In addition to Organic seeds and best practices for gardening and composting, we provide support for long-term sustainability.

Long-Term Impact
We focus on providing long-term sustainability through good farming practices including use of Organic seeds and proper soil cultivation techniques. A one-time investment in rainwater collection and irrigation equipment ensures ongoing cultivation of community gardens that will serve as a source of nutritious food year after year. Together, we will reduce malnutrition for families and alleviate the suffering of hundreds of malnourished children. The region could use 50  more kitchen gardens


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