Updated Mar 14, 2018CLOSED

Nike Circular Innovation Challenge: Design with Grind

Offered by OpenIDEO and Nike

The Nike Grind program seeks to push the boundaries of a circular, waste-free economy.How might we create a waste-free, circular future by designing everyday products using Nike Grind materials?
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CLOSEDMay 01, 2018Deadline
$5,000 - $30,000Amount
Criteria: LabelCriteria: DescriptionNumberAmount Per Prize
Prize CategoryGrand Prize1$30,000
Prize CategoryWinner4$5,000

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasWaste Management (Environment)
Product Solution: The proposed solution incorporates a significant amount of Nike Grind materials into new or existing products

Prototype: The proposed solution can be produced as a tangible proof of concept during the refinement phase.

Inspiration: Your team shares Nike’s commitment to creating a better future. Especially of interest are solutions for mixed material streams that are often more difficult to return to high value.

Innovation: The proposed solution represents a significant advance in the way waste materials can be repurposed into new, valuable products. Especially of interest are solutions for mixed material streams that are often more difficult to return to high value.

Human-Centered Design: Proposed solution should incorporate user and market feedback throughout the design process.

Other Requirements

Potential for ScaleThe proposed solution has presented a business plan and completed a required business model canvas that clearly demonstrates a pathway to scale.

Application Directions

Submit your idea through the OpenIDEO platform here

Application And Awards Process

The OpenIDEO challenge journey consists of:
1. Ideas (Started on Feb 27, 2018)
2. Review (Starts on May 1, 2018 )
3. Refinement (Starts on May 21, 2018)
4. Final Review (Starts on Jun 25, 2018)
5. Top Ideas (Starts on Jul 19, 2018)

OpenIDEO understands that not all innovators will want to share their ideas publicly. To account for this, we have created a private submission track for those innovators or companies that are sensitive to sharing their ideas openly. If this is you, please follow this link to a closed submission process.

By opting for the private submission track, you will not be able to take advantage of the OpenIDEO community to generate feedback, build upon one another's ideas, or receive targeted comments and questions from our global network of innovators.
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