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MRC Joint Global Health Trials – Call 10

Offered by National Institute for Health Research, Wellcome Foundation and Department for International Development as part of Medical Research Council

The UK Department for International Development (DFID), the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the MRC and Wellcome are pleased to announce the launch of the 10th call for proposals under this initiative to fund global health trials.
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CLOSEDOct 17, 2019Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 2: Research & Development
Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasHealth
The scheme encourages the evaluation of a wide range of intervention types including, but not limited to:

-behavioural interventions
-psychological therapies
-disease management
-hygiene interventions
-diagnostic strategies.

This funding is open to Principal Investigators who are employed by eligible institutions based in LMICs where the research work will take place and to Principal Investigators who are employed by an eligible UK institution. Eligible UK institutions include UK Higher Education Institutions, Research Council institutes, and eligible Independent Research Organisations (IROs). Further detail can be found on the UKRI eligibility web page.

For researchers based in LMICs, eligible institutions include higher education institutions and non-profit research institutions. If the application is submitted by an LMIC organisation, the primary headquarters of that organisation must be in one of the LMIC countries where the trial will take place. This means that the institution sponsoring a Principal Investigator must be legally registered in the UK or in a LMIC and the Principal Investigator must be employed by the institution that is hosting the research.

Research Institutions based outside the UK will be asked to complete additional eligibility and financial checks before an award is offered, and awards will be dependent on satisfactory completion of those checks and on-going monitoring.

Other Requirements

Management TeamThe nature of this scheme means that we would expect applications to be predominantly based in LMIC. Funding for co-applicants and collaborators in other regions can be requested, but we would expect that the majority of funds would support the costs in the low or middle income country where the trial will be conducted. Investigators employed by an institution in a high income country outside the UK cannot be a Principal Investigator on a proposal but can be a Co- investigator.

Application Directions

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