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MarTERA Call 2020: Maritime and Marine Technologies for a new Era

Offered by European Union

The focus of development in MarTERA is given to technologies (instead of sectors) due to their potentially large impact to a wide range of application fields.
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CLOSEDMar 27, 2020Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
CountryGermany, Belgium, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Norway, Malta, France, Turkey, Spain and South Africa
Focus AreasEnvironment
The following criteria are mandatory and must be fulfilled for the eligibility of any pre-proposal and full

Type of projects
- The research projects submitted to this call can be, depending on the National
Guidelines/Regulations, fundamental research, industrial research or demonstration projects. For further information about this, please see the Priority Areas Matrix.

- The proposed research and innovation project must be consistent with the scope and objectives of this call and with the national/regional thematic priorities of the countries/regions involved in the project (see Priority Areas matrix). National/regional priorities are described in the National Regulations and/or can be communicated by the National Programme Managers (NPMs).
- The proposed project must relate to (at least) one of the sub-themes listed in the Priority Area Matrix of this call.
- The proposal should be novel and not correspond with on-going or completed projects funded by other instruments, programmes or projects.

Consortium composition
- Project consortia consisting of at least two independent eligible legal entities from at least two different European Member States or associated countries listed in chapter 3.2 can apply for funding.
Legal entities/consortia from Belarus and South Africa are eligible for funding as well but they must have in their consortia at least two independent eligible legal entities from at least two different European Member States or associated countries listed in chapter 3.2.
- The project proposals must involve industry. As national funding rules are applied, some topics or partners may not be eligible in all participating funding organisations (e.g. some programmes fund only academic but no industrial partners and others request industry involvement). The eligibility of a partner can be assessed by checking the Matrix of Priority Areas or by contacting the National Programme Managers (NPMs).
- The proposals should strive to be balanced between the countries involved in the project as far as the volume of work is concerned.
- In every proposal, one of the entities has to act as coordinator who has the responsibility for submitting the proposal.
- There is no upper limit of eligible consortium size. Consortia may involve as many partners as necessary to achieve the project goals. However, applicants should be aware that a higher number of represented countries in a consortium will not automatically result in a positive evaluation of the proposal. There is also no upper limit of partners from the same country, unless stated otherwise in the National Regulations.
- Entities who are not eligible for funding, including entities from countries not participating in this call may participate at their own expense or with their own separate source of funding. This must be proved by a letter of intent/commitment that has to submitted via the coordinator of the project. They have to follow the rules given in this Call Announcement. However, they cannot coordinate a project and their contribution to the project should not be vital. They are not taken into account in the minimum requirement of eligible partners and countries in the MarTERA eligibility criteria.
- The eligibility of each applicant has to be checked according to the national criteria published in the National Regulations before submission.

Application Directions

The entire call process will be carried out online on the MarTERA Submission Tool using the provided online forms.


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