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Making Life Better through COVID-19 Short Term Funding

The Public Health Agency (PHA) has identified funding to improve resilience and the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by supporting community and voluntary services during and following the COVID-19 pandemic.The funding aims to enable and encourage healthy lifestyle choices and address the wider determinants of health.
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CLOSEDAug 06, 2020Deadline
Up to £5,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasHealth
Award One –Eligibility Criteria
•Funding of up to up to £1,000 (non-constituted and constituted non-profit taking Community / Voluntary Sector groups).
•It is expected, and will be a condition of the funding,that a level of good governance is observed in the running of the group.
•Provide relevant background / qualifications / knowledge and experience for trainers / tutors or facilitators –if you need any further guidance on this, please contact: Northern Area Community Network T: 02821772100 or E: grants@nacn.org alternatively M: 07740282650 or E: amanda@nacn.org
•Northern Area Community Network will pay for direct invoices/items needed under the provider/applicants.

Award Two –Eligibility Criteria
•Funding Between £1,001 -£5,000 for constituted, non-profit taking Community / Voluntary Sector Groups(You have adopted a constitution and/or articles and memorandum of association)
•As a commissioned service Community Voluntary Sector organisations are required to consider the implementation of the PHA Quality Standards for services promoting mentalhealthandemotional wellbeing and suicide prevention(http://bit.ly/MHstandards). Should your application be successful, as a minimum, your organisation should undertake a self-assessment against the core standards contained within the document (and additional sections if relevant to this project).

Both Awards –Eligibility criteria
Projects must take into consideration information regarding COVID-19 regulations in Northern Ireland. Some useful sources of information on Covid-19are outlined in Appendix 1.
It is NOT envisaged that monies available under these funding streams will be used as gap funding for projects which are already in development.
All Projects must be completed by 29th January2021(allowing for submission of all evaluation returns by 26thFebruary2021).
If constituted,
enclose your most recent annual accounts (or, for new groups, a statement of your income and expenditure). These must be signed and approved by an office-holder.
o provide a copy of your Committee Members.
o provide a Child Protection / Vulnerable Adults Policy (if applicable).
Your project fits within the advised themes.
Your project will run within the area stated in the application form
Organisations can only apply for either Award One or Award Twobut not both and only one application per organisation for delivery within the area stated on your application will be accepted. Please note: If applying for more than one area a separate application form must be submitted for each area.Please ensure you complete the correct application form for the area in which your group and project will run. These are listed on our www.healthallianceni.orgwebsite under ‘Funding’.

Application Directions

Please view the guidelines for submission instructions.


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