Updated May 19, 2020CLOSED

Learning Support Fund during Covid-19

The Learning Support Fund during Covid-19 was created out of an alliance between the Lemann Foundation and Imaginable Futures in response to the challenges that education faces in times of a pandemic. With the closure of schools and other adversities facing the country, students, families and educators need to deal with new challenges to ensure that the teaching and learning process happens.

The Fund will support projects that offer immediate support and short-term results to promote learning and well-being for students, educators and communities (the project must be aimed at at least one of these audiences).

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CLOSEDMay 24, 2020Deadline
$8,703 - $52,219Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasEducation

Brazilian institutions that have a valid CNPJ and in good standing, which may be private companies or non-profit organizations in any sector. Enrollment can also be done jointly by organizations working in partnership.

Application Directions

Projects can be registered by completing the online submission form.

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