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IZA/DFID Programme on Gender, Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries (G²LM|LIC)

Offered by UK Aid and Department for International Development

The Gender, Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries (G²LM|LIC) programme has a special focus on gender and growth issues in low income countries. Through the funding of scientific research and the organization of research uptake activities and capacity building activities, the program aims at improving worldwide knowledge on labour market issues in low-income countries and fostering research that aims to guide future gender and labour market policies. The purpose of G2LM|LIC is to investigate the causes of gender disparities in labor markets, assess their consequences for equity and efficiency through the misallocation of talent, and to guide policy design.
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CLOSEDNov 11, 2019Deadline
Up to €3,000,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasGender
Economic Growth and Trade
For the large research grants, the call is open to researchers based in institutions and organizations from all over the world, subject to the condition that the institutions are not in any of the situations listed under section 4.2.
The call for small research grants is open for junior researchers (PhD students or researchers who are between 1 and 5 years past the PhD) based in institutions and organizations from all over the world, as well as senior or junior researchers based in institutions and organizations in LICs listed here.
To start the application process, institutions need to register for the Electronic Application Portal (EAP) at https://eap.iza.org/g2lm-lic . Institutions and organizations must be legal entities as recognized by the European Union.
Researchers that received funding from the GLM|LIC program during previous funding rounds are eligible to apply under this call.
Natural persons are not eligible to receive funding under G2LM|LIC. Applications are tied to the institution by which they are submitted.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that proposed research is in line with this call. The decision, whether a proposed project is in line with the aims and objectives of the call, rests solely with the selection bodies within G2LM|LIC.

Other Requirements

Financial Statements
Award holders will be required to submit externally audited project specific financial statements showing how the funds provided for G2LM|LIC have been spent. At least one final audited statement will be required, but usually award holders will need to submit one mid-project financial statement and one final financial statement. Financial statements must cover the project period from the project start to the time of preparation of the financial statement and be made out in Euros. In exceptional circumstances and upon request IZA may waive the requirement of an external auditor and allow the use of internal auditing services.

Applicants are required to use the budget template provided.

Reporting Requirements
Interim Reports
During the course of their research, all award holders will be required every 6 months to submit activity statements and progress reports to IZA. The acceptance of reports by IZA may be a condition for continued payment of the grant. The activity statements and progress reports should cover all aspects related to policy impact and capacity building activities.

Final Report
Award holders will be required to submit an End of Award final report. The final report should provide a clear picture of the project, the research conducted and the outcomes of the project.

Impact Report
Award holders will be required to submit an impact report to IZA within one year after the project end date. The impact report should cover scientific, economic and societal impacts. Acceptance of the final and impact report will be a condition for complete payment of the grant.

Application Directions

All applicants need to register for the online Electronic Application Portal (EAP) which can be found at https://eap.iza.org/g2lm-lic.
The EAP allows the creation of a new application, which applicants can then complete and submit online. See attachment for more details.


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