India Partnerships Annual Program Statement (APS)

USAID/India’s invitation to prospective implementing partners (e.g. NGOs, private sector concerns, and others) who can engage and work with resource partners (e.g. corporations, local businesses, foundations, and others). USAID/India is specifically seeking Indian implementing organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit) and non-traditional Indian development partners, to reach out to Indian resource partners and explore ways in which collaboration with USAID/India might help each partner – private sector, NGO, and public sector contributors – to more effectively address key issues, advance shared development goals, and achieve exceptional development results and impacts in India and beyond. For greater sustainability and country ownership, USAID/India seeks Partnerships in which Indian organizations would lead implementation in collaboration with others.

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December 31st, 2015

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USAID/India is particularly interested in working with the Indian private sector. This includes non-traditional partners such as: 1) private businesses, 2) business and trade associations, 3) foundations, 4) financial institutions, as well as more traditional non-profit, non-governmental organizations and for-profit development firms. To be eligible, all partners must be legally recognized entities organized under applicable law. Individuals are not eligible.