Updated Aug 06, 2018CLOSED

GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund

Offered by Department for International Development as part of UK Aid Direct

This funding round will test new technical solutions, catalyse ideas to improve or transform institutional systems, and enable solutions to empower, assist or protect individuals and communities affected bycomplex emergenciesandforced displacement.
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CLOSEDAug 10, 2018Deadline
£100,000 - £300,000Amount
12-18 MonthsDuration(Months)

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 1: Ideation and Stage 2: Research & Development
Implemented in:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific, Latin America / Caribbean and Middle East and North Africa
Focus AreasEnergy and Technology
Agriculture and Resilience
Gender Equity (Gender) and Technology
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Technology
Health and Technology
Education and Technology
Citizen Participation (Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance) and Technology
Inclusive Education (Education) and Technology
Eligible organisations must be legally registered and have the right to operate in country(ies) of operation. Lead applicants are responsible for: starting an application, adding and removing collaborators to the application, assigning questions to collaborators, answering questions relevant to you, reviewing content entered by collaborators, submitting the application before the deadline, signing the contract with GSMA Foundation if a grant is awarded.

Other Requirements

Target BeneficiariesAny product or service must be aligned with a minimum of one key focus area; Mobile Financial Services; Gender & Inclusivity; Digital Identity; Mobile enabled Utilities; Food Security, Adaption & Resilience to climate Change.
Planned Usage of FundsThe Fund requires a matching contribution in order to demonstrate buy-in and commitment from all applicants. Acceptance of match funding is subject to approval by the Fund.
Management TeamThrough the grant application process, and during the grant projects applicants will be asked to identify, clarify and demonstrate how they adhere to Principles for Digital Development and, where relevant, key humanitarian principles.REQUIRED
Potential for ScaleThe Fund is especially interested in projects - implemented through collaborative partnerships - that can demonstrate long-term sustainability (i.e. commercial, technical, social, economic, environmental) beyond the lifespan of the grant.

Application Directions

Complete a short online application outlining how you meet the funding criteria, and the concept for the grant project.

Application And Awards Process

Stage 1: Concept note
Stage 2: Proposal
Stage 3: Fund Panel
Stage 4: Contacting


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