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Grants for personal projects in the field of youth work

Offered by European Commission

This is a grant for your personal project in the field of youth work. A project is any initiative that will help you gain new experiences, pump skills and share ideas with others.

Gather the best European methods of working with young people and create a podcast for colleagues or take part in an online event for sector workers from all over Europe to find new partners - we will support.

In general - anything that fascinates you and that can be useful for Ukraine. The priority is the following topics:

  • - Establishing and developing partnerships with leading organizations and professionals in the youth sector in the EU and the UK;
  • - Creation of new exchange programs for youth between Ukraine and the EU;
  • - Development of youth organizations;
  • - Inclusion.

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CLOSEDOct 21, 2020Deadline
Up to $4,694Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasYouth

This feature is designed to:

  • - leaders and employees of youth centers, organizations, spaces and clusters working with youth;
  • - youth workers of the united territorial communities, regional, district and city state institutions.

You can apply:

independently. To do this, you need a private individual with the appropriate activity codes.

paired with the employer or organization you work with. To do this, the organization must be a registered legal entity that can accept grant aid: LLC, public organization, charitable foundation, university, etc. The organization will sign the agreement, receive a grant on its own account and report on its own behalf. Project management and grant application are up to you.

Application Directions

Carefully read the Instructions for Applicants and fill out the form on the online platform .


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