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Grants for personal projects in the field of health care

Offered by European Commission

This is a grant for your personal health project. A project is any initiative that will help you gain new experiences, pump skills and share ideas with others.

Take an online course from European practitioners or create your own course with doctors and nurses from the EU as lecturers so that students can learn more about healthcare abroad - we will support.

The EU or the United Kingdom must be involved in the project. It's about a two-way flow of experience, so you can either learn from European experts or share your thoughts.

  • - Incentive to implement an idea for which there was a lack of funding
  • - A portfolio project that you implement as you see fit and that your colleagues and future employers know about
  • - Opportunity to share experiences and present their experiences to colleagues from the EU and the UK
  • - Opportunity to gain new knowledge in the field and pump managerial, leadership and communication skills

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CLOSEDOct 21, 2020Deadline
$1,175 - $4,698Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasHealth

This opportunity is designed for doctors and nurses working in the following areas:

  • - family medicine;
  • - pediatrics;
  • - emergency medicine;
  • - palliative care.

You can apply:

  • - independently. To do this, you need a private individual with the appropriate activity codes.
  • - paired with the employer or organization you work with. To do this, the organization must be a registered legal entity that can accept grant aid: LLC, public organization, charitable foundation, university, etc. The organization will sign the agreement, receive a grant on its own account and report on its own behalf. Project management and grant application are up to you.

Application Directions

Carefully read the Instructions for Applicants and fill out the form on the online platform .
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