Updated Jan 11, 2018

Goodwell Investments

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Goodwell Investments is a pioneering investment firm focused on financial inclusion, fintech and inclusive growth in sectors providing basic goods and services and income generation opportunities to the underserved.

Investments in inclusive economy solve social and/or environmental issues while generating financial returns.Typical basic goods and services at support the growth of an inclusive economy are financial services, energy, housing, health, education, water and food. That is why Goodwell Investment invests in companies that contribute to inclusive growth in the majority world of Africa.
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Implemented In:
Focus AreasDigital Inclusion & Connectivity
Financial Sector & Investment (Economic Growth and Trade) and Inclusion
Housing and Infrastructure
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

We have a long track of record of investmentsin financial inclusion. Based on this strong foundation we get more and more involved in technology developments, particularly in digital and mobile platforms, as these have boosted inclusive growth in developing African markets over the past several years.

Inclusive growth is defined as economic growth and development that enables lower income segments to gain access to basic goods and services – at more accessible price points and of a higher quality than was previously possible.

Application Directions

We receive many inquiries from business owners who seek growth capital. If you plan to present us your business, please complete this online survey and help us assess if your case fits our mandate. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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