Updated Dec 12, 2018CLOSED

Global Cooling Prize

Offered by Rocky Mountain Institute, CEPT University, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy and Conservation X Labs as part of Global Cooling Prize

An innovation competition to develop a climate-friendly residential cooling solution that can provide access to cooling to people around the world without warming the planet
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CLOSEDJun 30, 2019Deadline
$200,000 - $1,000,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasCooling, Heating & Insulation (Housing and Infrastructure)
Energy Efficiency (Energy)
Solution must maintain below 27 (+ 0.5) °C DBT and 60 (+ 10) % RH indoor conditions for the duration of the test period

We are seeking submissions from incumbent cooling technology providers, emerging innovators in space cooling and similar technologies, as well as professors, students, and researchers from universities and laboratories around the world. Anyone with a great idea can apply for the prize.

Other Requirements

Potential for ScaleMust demonstrate cost potential at full industrialization of no more than twice (2X) the baseline unit cost. Must be usable in existing homes, rather than requiring a "designed in" engineering solution
Impact Evaluation/M&E Plan
Climate Impact: Energy and Refrigerant: Must have 5X less climate impact than the baseline unit: Energy and Refrigerant CriteriaThe cooling solution must show the potential for at least 80% less climate impact, considering the reduction in grid electricity consumption (kWh) and refrigerant GWP. The reduction in grid electricity consumption will be assessed through a side-by-side operation testing- a combination of lab and real world testing. The solutions will be evaluated using a scoring method with 80% of weight allocated to grid-electricity consumption reduction (kWh) with respect to the baseline, and 20% of weight allocated to refrigerant GWP (global warming potential) reduction when compared to a baseline.

Water consumption, if needed, for operation should not exceed 14 liters per day
Power consumption at full load i.e. rated cooling output, should not exceed 700 W
Zero onsite emissions from any fossil fuel based captive power source
Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) and lower toxicity (class A) refrigerant complying with IEC 60335-2-40 (2018) or ISO 5149
Use of materials with excessively high embodied carbon or rare earth materials should be optimized

Application Directions

All applicants must register online. After you have successfully registered, you are required to complete and submit the “Participant Intent to Apply” form to showcase your interest in the Prize. This form must be submitted on or before June 30, 2019. The form can be accessed after successful registration.
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