Updated Feb 07, 2019CLOSED

GEF Small Grants Programme

Offered by United Nations Development Programme as part of Global Environment Facility

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Malaysia is seeking qualified civil society organizations to put forward Concept Proposal.
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CLOSEDFeb 28, 2019Deadline
$2,000 - $50,000Amount
Criteria: LabelCriteria: DescriptionAmount Per Prize
Grant TypePlanning Grant$2,000
Grant TypeFull Project$50,000

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented in:
Focus AreasBiodiversity (Environment)
Climate Change and Resilience (Environment)
Forestry (Environment)
Natural Resources (Environment)
Locally registered Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). GEF SGP Malaysia grants are available ONLY for not-for-profit NGOs/CBOs/CSOs, etc. Applicants who fail to provide a copy of certificate of registration will not be considered for full proposal development.

Other Requirements

Management TeamOrganisation must have strong organizational capacity to implement SGP grant projects and meet SGP requirements.
Financial StatementsApplicant must provide local registered bank account of the organisation.REQUIRED

Application Directions

GEF SGP Malaysia encourages all applicants to initially submit to us, a "Concept Proposal" of their proposed Full Project. Qualified applicants will be notified for further development of Full Project Proposal. For more information visit funder website.


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