Updated Aug 12, 2020CLOSED

Futures Forum on Learning: Tools Competition

COVID-19 has sparked a global education crisis, and highlighted the need for continued innovation in how online and blended education can support effective learning.

Rather than silver bullet solutions, the goal of the Tools Competition is to spur the development and deployment of technologies that can accelerate the recovery from pandemic learning loss and advance the field of learning engineering.

Learning engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of learning science and computer science that seeks to design learning systems with the instrumentation, data, and partnerships with the research community, to drive tight feedback loops and continuous improvements in how that learning is delivered in online and blended settings.

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CLOSEDSep 18, 2020Deadline
Up to $250,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America / Caribbean, North America, Middle East and North Africa and Low and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasResponse Technologies (Humanitarian Assistance)
Infectious & Vector Diseases (Health)
We invite potential solutions from students, teachers, tech leaders, digital learning platforms and researchers from around the globe to participate. The Tools Competition is designed in multiple phases allowing time for ideation, team-building, and project refinement.

Application Directions

For Phase I, participants should submit a concept that addresses the following points in a one-page document.
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