Updated Oct 07, 2020


Offered by U.S. Agency for International Development and Palladium

In order to counter COVID-19’s effects on Sri Lankan livelihoods, rapid response is essential given the deteriorating financial positions of SMEs and the difficult decisions they face on retaining their employees and adapting their value chains.

PSD will rapidly review and disburse direct grants and/or subcontracts to Sri Lankan companies and organizations focused on bolstering resilience to the secondary economic impacts of COVID-19 and adapting to a new economic landscape and market opportunities.

The purpose of this FON is to solicit applications/proposals from interested parties, wishing to receive funding from the PSD activity. The process will comprise of two stages:

Phase 1: Initial Review of Concept Papers and Evaluating Against Initial Phase 1 Criteria

Phase 2: Request for Full Proposals and/or Applications and Evaluation Against Phase 2 Criteria and Final Source Selection for award of a subcontract or grant.
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May 15, 2021Deadline
Up to $250,000Amount
12 months Duration(Months)

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
CountrySri Lanka
Focus AreasEntrepreneurship (Economic Growth and Trade)
Economic Recovery (Humanitarian Assistance)
Economic Empowerment (Gender)
Infectious & Vector Diseases (Health)

The following criteria will be applied toall offerors in Phase I todetermine the eligibility of offerors:

  • • Submission of DUNS in the application/proposal unless exemption applies (awards less than $25,000 performed by foreign entities overseas).
  • • Offeror Is legally registered as a non-for profit or for-profit organization in accordance with the laws of Sri Lankaand is in good standing, legally licensed and up to date on all applicable taxes
  • • Offer has verified that it is not affiliated with any political party nor engaged in any partisan activities.
  • • Offeror submits all mandatory documents prior the deadline stipulated in the FON.
  • • Offeror Has verified that it is receptive to participate in learning opportunities and commitment to participate in capacity building.Certification of these requirements must be noted by completing Attachment A. Failure to submit this form will result in disqualification.Types of Entities that May NOT ApplyThe following types of entities may not apply for CATALYZE awards:
  • • Political parties, political party organizations, Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) parastatal institutions or GoSL owned institutions are not eligible for grants or subcontracts;
  • •Organizations that have controlling interest held by a government, government agency, or agent thereof;
  • • Offerors With Active exclusions from the working with the US government (www.sam.gov), the UN (Sanctions List), or the US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control;
  • •Any entity affiliated with Palladiumor any of its directors, officers, or employees; and Individuals.

Application Directions

Interested applications can submit their concept papers electronically.


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