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Friends of Malawi Association Small Grants

We make grants to carefully selected small projects in Malawi where we believe our contribution can make a distinctive difference in ways that other bigger charities and organisations may not.
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CLOSEDJun 15, 2019Deadline
Up to £1,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 2: Research & Development and Stage 3: Proof of Concept
Created inMalawi and United Kingdom
Implemented in:
Focus AreasAll Sectors
We encourage applications from charitable organisations, registered either in the UK or Malawi, working at community level and particularly from those with connections to FOMA members or people known to them.

We favour community-based projects aimed at sustainable development and those that promote a degree of self-help within the community. We help with the relief of poverty through projects aimed at the improvement in areas such as, but not limited to, health, education and agriculture and we hope that projects will act as pilots for wider replication.

Other Requirements

Planned Usage of Funds
In general, we do not fund general project expenditure as part of a larger consortium nor do we fund day-to-day running costs unless there are special circumstances and the costs are essential to the success of the project. We will not fund under any circumstances individual education sponsorship, salaries, allowances and travel expenses, day-to-day consumable materials, projects that are for the benefit of a single individual or small group of people, any project that harms the environment , or any project that has political associations.
Reporting RequirementsOn completion of the project we require a completion report and a financial summary of expenditure (and may ask for documentary evidence of expenditure) together with relevant photographs of the project activity.

Application And Awards Process

Applications for support should be submitted using the pro-forma application form (no more than two pages, excluding any attachments) to the FOMA Charities sub-Committee by email to grants@foma.org.uk


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